Back to school, baby!

by admin on September 02, 2015

By: admin

back to school, changing the face of beauty ad


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By– Jeannine Miller (

I love all the back-to-school brouhaha every year. I enjoy the parent posts on social media which run the gamut from the emotional moms sending their first-borns to kindergarten, to the ‘don’t let the door hit ya on the way out’ parents.

I also look forward to the Back To School ad campaigns. I actually prefer them to the Superbowl commercials. (Gasp!) My favorite this year is the #changingthefaceofbeauty ads from Livie & Luca featuring the adorable Cora (seen above). However, they haven’t always been so wonderful.  Let’s take a look.

Cigs without latakia are so last year.

back to school

Just hanging out with teach in your underwear; that’s not weird, right?

strange back to school ad





most important, school supplyDive into those books, kids.

hanes, back to school


One of these kids is not like the others.

back to school clothes


You know you had one (or envied someone who did).

vintage back to school notebooks

Yeah, if you want your kid to be made fun of.

back to school, vintage ads, shoes


Um…are these the FLE models?

back to school ads, vintage

I have no words.

back to school, bad haircut

In closing…

school starts


Have a great year, everyone!

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