Moss Building & Design: Going Green Remodeling

by admin on October 21, 2010

By: admin

Going Green Home Improvement Tips

I recently found an interesting website that lists a whole range of "green" changes you can make to your home and their expected return on investment. This is an important part of what "green" is all about, especially in these challenging economic times. Now is not the time to say "I'll go green when the economy improves..." It IS the time to think about small investments you can make now that will pay-off quickly: programmable thermostats, hot water heaters blankets, and compact florescent lighting. All are among the options that will pay off in less than one year.

Moss' Grumpy Green Guy

As my dad's alter ego the Grumpy Green Guy would say "No one else can tell you how to be green!" If you scroll down the table at the above link, you can get into some of the more intimidating items like smart roofs and geo-thermal heating/cooling, but there are so many steps in between. Going green in the middle range is often a matter of design considerations and materials selection. Moss has helped customers at both ends of the spectrum because we really do believe the more we all do, the better off we'll all be.

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