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by Carly McAlister on April 12, 2013

By: Carly McAlister

Northern Virginia Handyman Service Take a Proactive Approach to Maintaining Your Home

Moss Home Services in Chantilly, VA was established to offer our customers time and peace of mind, knowing that their home is in the hands of professionals who are trained and dedicated to keeping your home running properly.

At Moss Home Services, not only do we want to help you with your home care needs, but we want to help maintain your home by protecting it with our Moss Maintenance Program.

Taking Care of Your Home Improvement with the Moss Maintenance Program

There are two maintenance programs that you can sign up for one in the Spring & one in the Fall.  You can sign up for each individually or both at the same time, whichever one appeals to you the most as there are different items on both programs.

Our Moss Maintenance Program covers an extensive list of home items that no one takes the time to do or is even aware of.  Our skilled handyman will come out to your home and take care of a wide variety of items so that you don’t have to.  Every item holds value and is an important part of maintaining the professional care of your home.  It’s important to know that our handyman will actually come out to your Northern Virginia home and perform these tasks and not try to sell you on unnecessary items.  If they find items that need more attention than the program covers they will make suggestions, let you know what needs to be done to fix it and an estimated cost.

What Handyman Services Does the Moss Maintenance Program Cover?

The Moss Maintenance Program covers a variety of items that help get your home ready for Summer and Winter.  Looking at a few items in particular:

Testing the sump pump for proper operation.  This is an essential proactive item to keep your Northern Virginia home in the best shape possible.  If your sump pump is not running properly you can run the risk of it flooding your basement and facing an insurance claim.  By using the Spring Moss Maintenance Program your sump pump will be tested and you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to worry about any basement flooding due to sump pump malfunctions.

Snaking the vanity, tub and shower traps.  No one enjoys doing this however hair and other particles can and will clog up your shower, tub and vanity.  Our Northern Virginia handyman will also cover this task in the Spring Moss Maintenance Program.

Another item on the Spring Moss Maintenance Program is removing debris and dust from behind washer, dryer refrigerator and refrigerator coils.  Our handyman will pull each of these appliances out and vacuum there.  This prolongs the life of these appliances and makes sure the motor is running as it should be.

Some of the Fall items on the Moss Maintenance Program includes checking weather stripping on exterior doors, removing dust and build-up on bathroom exhaust fans, and removing dust and debris from heat registers to name a few.

Northern Virginia Handyman Services

The Moss Maintenance Program is designed to make things in your home work better and last longer.  The cost of the Moss Maintenance Program will save you money in the long run on home repairs.  This proactive approach to home maintenance allows you to enjoy your home instead of working on the home repairs yourself.  Let an experienced handyman come out to your Northern Virginia home and take care of the home maintenance needed to keep your home running properly.

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