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by Madeline Pillow on July 08, 2014

By: Madeline Pillow

kitchen remodel Herndon, VA

Kitchen Remodeling in Northern VA

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home because it is a main gathering point and an important functional room. A kitchen should meet the design and functional needs of a homeowner while  the room should fit in well with the home's overall design and the home's footprint.

In this blog, we will take a look at a recent kitchen remodel in Herndon, VA (seen above and below) that better serves its family after its transformation.

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Herndon, VA Kitchen Remodel

Prior to the remodel, these homeowners had two major needs through their kitchen remodel:

  • Brightening up the kitchen in terms of cabinet color and natural light
  • Opening up the kitchen’s layout

The original kitchen did not have a lot of natural light which was compounded by the dark tone of the kitchen cabinets. The layout of the kitchen was problematic for the owners as the access to the dining room and entry to the basement door was hindered by a wall and the refrigerator placement, respectively.

This kitchen was the first step for the homeowners who were considering a major renovation of other sections of their home.

Moss Analysis: Northern VA Kitchens

In this kitchen remodel, it was the design and layout of the space that became the focal points.


A concern with the original footprint of the kitchen was the lack of adequate pantry space and the placement of the refrigerator next to the basement stairs which made the throughway to the basement difficult especially since one of the homeowners’ sons lived in the basement.  The homeowners also found that they barely used their dining room because of the awkward positioning next to their kitchen.

The first step of the construction process began with the demolishing of a cramped pantry built-in, and the wall between the kitchen and dining room.


The design process between the homeowners and MOSS was very collaborative. While collaborating with the homeowners, we found that the wife was interested in a focus on aesthetics, while the husband wanted to ensure there were up-to-date and high-tech appliances because of his love for cooking. Both of these needs were in the MOSS design.

  • Aesthetic:

The cabinets that were chosen were a semi-custom line from Hampshire Company that was a cream color. The cream allowed for the owners to have a neutral that is not as harsh as some pure white cabinets can be. The countertops were quartz as part of a new line from Cambria. But the big “wow” moment in the kitchen comes from the backsplash. Originally, the homeowners were unsure which direction to take with the backsplash but in working with Erin, it became the major focal point of the kitchen, setting the stage for drama as it climbs all the way up the wall.

Moss Building & Design

As well the sink created a special moment and is an under mount style with a silt finish that gives the sink a more patterned look.  Above the sink, we suggested that the original window be expanded to give more natural light and to match the expanding floor plan of the kitchen.

Lighting took the form of recess lighting, under cabinet lights, and 2 decorative fixtures over the bar that matched a similar fixture in the dining room.Moss Building & Design

  • Kitchen Appliances:

With the design in place, the focus turned toward the appliances that would meet a cook’s demands: a subzero refrigerator was installed next to the stove which featured an induction cooktop because the homeowners had no gas which allowed the speed and function of a gas option.

Moss Building & Design

This Herndon, VA kitchen combines beauty and functionality to create a kitchen that matches its family and the home. Through this remodel, the homeowners can now enjoy a kitchen with more natural light, an open floor plan to make better use of their dining room, high-tech appliances perfect for any chef, and a design that meets their personal aesthetics.

Moss Building & Design

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Collaborate on your kitchen remodel with Moss Building & Design! Our experts take into account your needs, budget, and your home when discussing your design ideas in order to deliver a kitchen that matches your family dynamic and your family for years to come.

Check out our portfolios to see our completed remodels and to get ideas for your remodel.  You can also stay connected with MOSS through our app where you can submit project inquires along with photos of your home improvement needs.  Download it today-available on Google Play and iTunes or call us for a free estimate at 703.961.7707.

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