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by Madeline Pillow on January 27, 2015

By: Madeline Pillow

Northern VA Contractor Gives Kitchen Design Tips

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The kitchen is a room in your home that needs to help you run the rest of your home like a well-oiled machine. Often for homeowners this is not the case. Below are some ideas to make your kitchen more usable and accessible in 2015.

 Kitchen Storage Ideas

Cookbook Storage

If you have some classic cookbooks that need a better place to be stored look for unused spaces in your kitchen. An end cabinet or somewhere on your island are perfect ideas.

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Measure the cabinet or space you are looking to use to ensure it will suit your needs. Typically, any cabinet can be used for this purpose by removing a cabinet door.

In-counter Knife Storage (Under Cabinet Knife Storage)

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This is a great idea if you want your kitchen knives to be in an organized place without a large knife block taking up more room.

You can also consider an alternative which would be under cabinet knife storage. This frees up counter space as well as drawer space.

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Baking Ingredients Drawer

Finally, for those bakers out therewhy not keep your baking ingredients close at hand? Create drawer space that will house anything from your flour to brown sugar in a convenient locale. With your tools close, those tasty treats will be even sweeter to make.

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Remember that your kitchen should function as an extension of your own interest and talents and the space will be full of utility.

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