Kitchen Islands, a Place to Escape?

by Leora Kahn on October 17, 2016

By: Leora Kahn


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Kitchen Remodeling in Northern Virginia

When you hear the word “island,” you probably picture yourself  on a sandy beach somewhere with a fruity drink in hand.  Not me! When I hear "island" I immediately think of kitchens and how wonderful kitchen islands can be.  They can add such versatility to a space! Between function and aesthetics there’s something for everyone.

Small Kitchen Islands

Think of this as more of a private island.  If you don't have a huge kitchen, that’s OK!  Kitchen islands can be as big or as small as you’d like nowadays.  This kitchen remodel in Fairfax, VA has a gorgeous kitchen island that suites the space well.  This fairly narrow island has enough space for storage while functioning as a breakfast nook.

Small Kitchen Island

Big Kitchen Islands

If you have the space, take advantage of it! Go all out with a large kitchen island.  I'm talking Gilligan’s Island, where multiple people live.  This could basically double the storage space in your kitchen and potentially cut out separate eating areas all together.  This kitchen remodel in Fairfax, VA  showcases a very large kitchen island with enough space for multiple people to sit and eat together. There's also shelving on each end ideal for those old cookbooks, which is an added bonus.

Contemporary Kitchen Island

Sleek and Modern Kitchen Design

And sometimes you just want to sit on a sandy beach with a dirty martini in hand.  Yes, a kitchen island can be for functional but it can be also just as much be about the aesthetics of the room.  This McLean, VA kitchen remodel has a very contemporary style (see my last blog for more on that) that enhances the design of the kitchen. The stainless steel counter-top and peninsula, combined with a certain modern bar stool really adds a bit of pizzazz to the space!


Kitchen Remodel McLean Architectural Design by Great Seal LLC | Photos by Jessica Crabill


The Best Kitchen Remodelers in Northern Virginia

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Kitchen Remodeling Arlington, VA

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