Living Out Loud

by Carly McAlister on June 12, 2013

By: Carly McAlister

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Jeannine Miller, Moss Building & Design

By – Jeannine Miller (


Ever since I can remember, people have been telling me how loud I am.  I remember the Thanksgiving my mom and sister were giggling about something and I had to force them to tell me what was so funny.  Evidently, they had just discovered that each of them hold the phone away from their ear when listening to my answering machine outgoing message because it’s just so loud.  Ouch.  I immediately went and tried to re-record my outgoing message at a lower volume, to no avail.

I remember telling my very soft-spoken boyfriend that I thought I had a hearing problem in an effort to explain my loudness.  He should have known right then that I was a nutjob, but he married me anyway.

At parties, when something funny or embarrassing happens, people will say “Watch out!  You know Jeannine is gonna put that on Facebook.”  Turns out I’m even loud on social media.  If they only knew how much I stopped myself from posting…

But you know what?  That’s me.  I have always lived out loud.  I like to know what you’re doing and I like to tell you what I’m doing.  As Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

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In addition to blogging about all things home and family-related, Jeannine Miller manages Moss Building & Design’s HandyMOM 101 workshop program and coordinates Moss’ philanthropic efforts in the community

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