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by Jeannine on February 20, 2013

By: Jeannine

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I’ve always kind of thought of the world as my stage.  This is somewhat funny since I basically have no real talent.  No talent, however, has never stopped me from parlaying my lack of skills into something useful…a good job, a free vacation, a fine husband.  And you thought Paris Hilton and the Kardashians invented this…but I digress…

"Listen To Your Mother" Auditions

Given how much I love a stage, when I recently learned of auditions for the show “Listen To Your Mother,” I was intrigued.  They were looking for local writers to share their original essays on motherhood during a live show the week before Mother’s Day.  Once I saw the “Giving Mother’s Day a microphone” tagline, I was sold.

The Stuff In Parentheses

I decided to write my personal essay about the parts of motherhood nobody ever prepares you for -- what I call “the stuff in parentheses.”  Sure, we all hear the war stories of long labors, sleepless nights and crazy carpools.  But I sure as heck don’t remember anyone telling me to be ready for my preschooler to take a bite out of a crystal goblet at a dinner we’re hosting for Japanese clients and have blood start spurting everywhere – that’s the stuff in parentheses.

Since my family is nearly certifiable, I had loads of stories to share.  I thoroughly enjoyed documenting the many outrageous things that have happened since my motherhood journey began in 2001.  I figure, even if I don’t get chosen for this show, I now have something in writing to show my kids when they’re grown and wondering why mom aged so poorly.

THE Audition

The audition date finally arrived and I headed to the location in Herndon, VA.  I felt good.  I was prepared, it was a nice day, I was on time, etc.  And then I realized the audition was in an actual hotel room, not a conference room or something larger like that.  It never dawned on me that we would be so up-close and personal.  I guess I just assumed I would be on a stage or at least have SOME space between me and my critics.  But there I was, sitting in a chair, 3 feet in front of the director and producer.  Yikes.  They timed me and scribbled notes as I went along.  As lovely as these two women were, it was absolutely nerve-racking.  I seriously don’t know how people put themselves out there like this for a living.

All in all, I’m really glad I did this.  No matter the outcome of the audition, stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new was actually quite invigorating.  You should try it!  I’ll be sure to let you know if I am chosen for the show – attendance will be mandatory.

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