Moss Building and Design, Top Northern VA Contractor, Builds Addition in Oakton, VA

by Madeline Pillow on December 06, 2013

By: Madeline Pillow

Moss Home Addition Series: Addition in Oakton, VA

In our Home Addition Series this week, we will look at a house in Oakton, VA.  The homeowners wanted to add additional space and to overall update their home.  After buying their house, they decided to do all of the home improvements at once.

The owners of this home in Oakton wanted more space, an updated kitchen, and a larger bedroom.  We were able to meet their needs by adding a rear one story addition that extended the kitchen and living room, a garage bump-out up to a master suite, and a side addition.

A Look at the Home: Before and After the Addition in Oakton, VA

Moss Building and Design blog

With the added space created by the additions, the homeowners have a more open feel to their home because of the flow that extends from the kitchen to the dining and family room.  The open floor plan also allows the owners the freedom of movement in this space from the kitchen to the dining and living room that wasn't possible before.  With this new flow and additional space they have created an area that is ideal for family time or other social gatherings.

Moss Building and Design Addition

The new kitchen (pictured above) adds to this open floor plan through its design and the natural light.  The natural light in this space blends in with the lighter tones of the room to create a comfortable setting.  As well, the design choice of the white cabinets on the island versus the light brown on the rest of the kitchen cabinets also gives the room tonal depth while maintaining the light appearance of the room.  The change from dark to light cabinets through the remodeling process also gives the room a larger appearance.

(Tip from the Pro's:  Use lighter colored cabinets, paint, etc. to make a room appear larger- darker colors will make a room feel smaller than what it actually is)

Master Suite Addition in Oakton, VA

The open and comfortable feel constructed in the kitchen also translates to the master bedroom and bathroom (pictured below).  The homeowners wanted a larger bedroom and that is exactly what they got!  They now have a large bedroom with a connect master bathroom.  The bedroom provides enough space that they can use the room as a getaway when they need to.

The pale green paint of the bathroom creates an oasis feel through its natural colors and modest lighting.  The master bedroom is featured in soft neutral tones and definition is brought to the room by the grain of the wood floor.

Moss Building and Design blog

Moss Building and Design blog

 The Moss team was able to add special touches to the home by updating the rest of the house through replacing light fixtures and painting.  The team also tied the house together by building the living room mantelpiece (see above in Before and After photos), additional built-ins and an upgraded deck.  You can see more photos of the renovation in our portfolio.

Through the large remodeling process the homeowners were impressed by the Moss team that worked on their home.  With so much time spent together, the family bonded with the Moss team and felt at ease having them in their home.  We've enjoyed working with this family on other home improvements as well!

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Moss Building & Design is an award-winning remodeling company in Northern Virginia.  We specialize in home additions, basement remodeling, and kitchen and bathroom remodels.  As an established Virginia contractor, we know what it takes to transform your house into the home of your dreams.   As a result of the countless requests by Moss Building & Design customers who already know and trust the Moss name, we also offer home services including plumbing, electrical, handyman, tile, roofing & siding, structural work and much more.


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