New 52-inch Plasma with Surround Sound Vs. New Powder Room = No Brainer

by admin on February 22, 2010

By: admin


Hi, I'm Jason Hampel, one of the proud owners of Moss Building & Design...also a guy and a husband. Over all the years in this business and meeting with hundreds of homeowners, I have been pleased to discover that I am not the only husband who feels that a large flat-screen TV is more important than window treatments.  And I'm even more pleased to discover that I am not the only husband who has negotiated himself into a very expensive compromise to resolve this matter.

I'm not saying we don't want you to remodel that bathroom in the basement, or ‘invest’ in those beautiful built-ins in a room you never enter.  I'm just saying we understand the forces at work.  I have witnessed negotiations between spouses and partners during remodeling projects that Congress would envy.  And in all seriousness, there are very often at least two very different sets of perspectives and priorities when it comes to the physical home.  Part of the remodeling process is navigating those waters and still liking each other at the end.

Amazing but true, the most common perspective division is between men and women.  I do have to laugh at how often the same themes show themselves. So in launching a blog, we wanted to offer each group a bit of insight about the other.  The always practical, logical, and predictable male perspective will be written on this side… He Cares.

She Cares, over to the right, is where we'll explore the other perspective, which for some reason does not always have the latest technology on the top of the priorities.  Instead of talking about microwaves we can control with our I-Phones, "we" need to decide whether the granite countertops should have a demi-bullnose or a beveled edge. These items--that actually really are important in a remodel--will be discussed in the context of the latest trends and the things we learn being in this business every day.

I hope blogging will be a great way for our customers and potential customers to get to know Moss better and for us to get to know you better.  Hopefully it will provide you ideas and thoughts to kick around on your own list of home improvements and repair.  It’s one thing to say “trust us, love us, hire us” in an ad, it’s another to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our real experiences remodeling homes in Northern Virginia.

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