Northern VA Handyman Will Tackle Snow-Related Repairs

by Madeline Pillow on March 02, 2014

By: Madeline Pillow

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It has been quite a winter in Northern Virginia this year with consistent snow and a heavy accumulation. Because of this, it is important to be aware of the damage that your home may have sustained through this harsh winter.  As the snow thaws and we slowly make our way into spring, homeowners need to start assessing their home for snow-related damage that will turn into bigger problems later.

How Snow Affects your Northern VA Home Exterior

The exterior of your home will be the first indicator that something is damaged on your home. You will definitely want a professional to examine your exterior to look for signs of any problems.

We would first look for any places where water had the opportunity to enter the home. By doing so, it could cause wood to start rotting. Some key places for this to happen would be the trim around the windows, doors, rake, and soffits.

Looking for Water Damage in the Interior of your Home

With so much snow accumulation, you will want to look out for any leaks or water stains.  In terms of leaks, you’ll want to check your attic, a popular spot for any leaks that may have begun due to cracks in your roof or siding.

If any leaks pop up in your interior, you’ll need a professional to come out to find the source of the leak, possibly troubleshoot it, and repair it.

For you interior windows or skylights, be sure that the trim is secure and check any caulking to make sure their seals are secure. For skylights, be sure to uncover from any snow or ice. It is important to remember that internal condensation can’t escape which can cause leaks.

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Your Northern VA Handyman Service

We encourage you to contact Moss Home Services should you have any questions or if you notice damages to your home brought about by the heavy snow accumulation.  Please call us at 703.961.7707 or email us at to set up your free estimate.

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