Northern VA Kitchen Remodeling Tips

by Carly McAlister on October 18, 2013

By: Carly McAlister

Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger With These Tips From Our Experts

With these helpful tips and tricks you can make any kitchen appear bigger.  If you’re currently in the process of remodeling your kitchen you can pay close attention to these tips so that you won’t have to redo them again later.

What Colors To Use To Make My Kitchen Bigger?

Use a similar color palate.  By using similar colors everything will flow together nicely and look like one big area.  “I’m all for big, different, bold colors, but they have to be used correctly, and the more you use them the more it separates sections of the room,” said MOSS’ Principal Designer.

Go with light colors.  This includes counter-tops, cabinets, and paint.  A lot of cabinetry and dark colors can close in a room and make it seem a lot smaller than it is.

The Lighting Of Your Kitchen Will Make A Difference

Have the right about of lighting.  The darker the space the smaller it will be, so make sure your kitchen has good lighting to maximize it’s size.

Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t over-do it with cabinets, it will make your kitchen seem smaller.  Try open shelving.  This can also make your kitchen appear bigger.

Top Northern Virginia Kitchen Remodelers

Our final tip is to choose a  focal point that you can get creative with.  Crazy tile, fancy floors, and busy cabinets are over powering and give the eye too much to look at.  Pick a focal point in your kitchen design and compliment that area with what suits your style.  By keeping everything clean and cohesive and having one wow factor,  your kitchen will look bigger.

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