OMG, I’m not LOL anymore

by Madeline Pillow on July 21, 2014

By: Madeline Pillow

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 PSA from JSM

Moss Building & Design

The SITREP is this:  Our vernacular is becoming FUBAR.  IMHO, kids today think proper grammar is a CWOT.  Their YOLO attitude is contributing to STML.  An adult’s email is seen as TMI and garners a response of TL;DR.  I hate to sound OCD, but IRL people have to know how to craft sentences and spell correctly if they plan to GFTW, AKA, succeed.

I know ROFL is more fun than sitting in a classroom learning, but it’s not a FML situation.  (ED, OTOH, is.  NEKT.)  If you don’t want your kid to become one of those PPL who is SSINF, please join me and support the AAAAA.


And now a translation:

Moss Building and Design

ANAWFMS:  If you’re in the market for some home remodeling, call the experts at Moss Building & Design.  We will consult with you and help you explore the many possibilities for updating your home.  Call 703-961-7707 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

In addition to blogging about all things home and family-related, Jeannine Miller manages Moss Building & Design’s Community Relations Department which includes the popular HandyMOM 101 and HandyGirl 101 workshop programs.

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