Adding An Addition To Your Northern VA Home

by admin on February 04, 2011

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Home Additions

If your home is feeling crowded and cluttered, that can be a sign that you need more space. While some home improvements can free up space, only an addition can really add square footage. When we meet with you, we can talk you through the different possibilities for your home.  Below are different kinds of additions you can consider.


If your family room is too small or you want an eat-in kitchen or a mudroom, a bump-out may be the way to go. Bump-outs are smaller sized additions that will add space to an existing room or rooms. The cost per square foot is usually a little higher than with other types of additions, but the overall project cost is usually low as compared to larger scale additions.

Wing Addition:

If you want to add on multiple rooms, you can consider creating a whole new wing. Wings – such as au-pair or in-law suites – can contain a bedroom, living area, and small kitchen. If you have the space on your property, a new wing can add considerably to your home’s square footage and functionality.  And the cost can be significantly less than the alternative of moving or finding other housing for yourself or your parents.


If you have a small lot and a one- or two-story home, a pop-up or second story addition might be the way to go. It allows you to take advantage of the free space over your house and can avoid zoning restrictions or the need for a lot survey. This is a particularly good option for one story ranch and rambler houses that are beginning to feel cramped.  Also, by not having to do extensive foundation work these additions tend to be quite cost effective on a relative basis.

Deck or Porch Addition:

Decks and porches allow you to transition from the interior of the house to the outdoors. And they permit homeowners to enjoy their outside space.  Today some such structures are becoming elaborate outside rooms, but you can also build a simple deck on a small budget. Adding a front porch can increase your home’s curb appeal. The return on a deck or porch addition is around 90 percent.

Single-Room Addition:

Many homeowners are adding on single rooms that can become new home offices, bedrooms, master bedrooms, home theaters  sunrooms or bathrooms. Family room additions are very popular since many older houses were built without family rooms or other casual living spaces near the kitchen.

Two-Story Addition:

If you need more square footage on two levels of your house, a two-story addition is the way to go.  For example, you can add living space or a garage on the first floor while adding a bedroom upstairs. Two-story additions can adjoin the existing house or can be connected by a short passageway.  You also maximize the cost efficiency of the space by adding two levels that share the same roof and foundation.


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