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by admin on May 27, 2016

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Pam Kopiak By Pam Kopiak (

Some days it seems like I can’t get it all done. Yesterday was one of those in fact. I really feel like I could use a clone (of myself) sometimes but am waiting until they work out the kinks on that process; I already have enough issues as it is without some reject version of myself messing things up around town. While I wait on that advancement, I wouldn’t mind some EXTRA help around the kitchen in the form of some double appliances/features.

In The Sink Please!

I do NOT know how many times I (and all the other moms out there) have yelled at my kids to get the dishes INTO the sink. Not near the sink but actually into the sink. It must be a hard concept to grasp as we struggle daily. Well, if I had DOUBLE sinks like this MOSS customer below, that would be fantastic. See, once I manage to get all the dirty dishes into the sink (FINALLY), they tend to sit there for a while sometimes. With two sinks, I could let them linger a bit and STILL be able to function with the other sink.

4 (3)

Are Those Dishes Clean??

Ok, so I finally got the dishes out of the sink and into the dishwasher. That part I don’t mind, it’s the unloading of the dishwasher. The pressure is off since now they are clean but there’s that pile of dishes piling up in the sink again! Well, not if you install DOUBLE dishwashers like the MOSS customer below. You can always have a cycle going which is especially useful for entertaining as the clean up can seem endless afterwards.


What’s In The Oven(s)?

And of course, the DOUBLE oven. Probably the most popular of the double kitchen appliances/features. Anyone who has hosted a family/holiday gathering could tell you how great it would be to have a double oven. I mean seriously, HOW long does that turkey take again?? This MOSS customer got it right by doing the double oven. Let’s get everything warmed up at the same time and dig in! And then make sure those dishes make their way back INTO the sink!

double oven

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