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by admin on March 25, 2011

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Home Renovation Process

At our initial consultation, we meet with a client, find out what kind of home renovation they want to have done, talk through ideas, and take measurements of the space. The next step is to provide an initial design concept and a proposal.

For one couple considering extensive kitchen renovations in their Northern VA home – including moving walls – I provided two different design concepts. For each concept I gave them a basic floor plan that indicated the location of the walls, counters, cabinets, table, sink, stove, etc.  I also provided a 3-D rendering (which gave them a better idea of how the space would appear) and some pictures of specific features – such as a kitchen island – that I was recommending.

The accompanying proposal included pricing information about labor costs, counters, cabinets, flooring, and backsplash. Of course, all pricing is approximate at this stage because it depends on the choices the homeowners make along the way.  But the proposal gives them a ballpark idea of what the remodeling will cost.  After the clients had a chance to review the plans and the proposal, I spoke with them about their experience.

Q:  What did you first think when you saw the floor plans for your home remodel I had developed for you?

A:  We thought it was great how you had captured the ideas that we’d been mulling around for years – and improved on them.  Because you took measurements, you could show us exactly how everything would fit together, and it was particularly helpful to have the 3-D version to visualize the remodel would look.

Q:  Did anything surprise you?

A:  We liked the various ways you worked in the seating.  We have a small kitchen, but you were able to think of two different ways we could make it an eat-in kitchen without sacrificing too much of the food prep space.  The first idea was a built-in banquette with table – which certainly takes up less floor space than a conventional table.  The other idea was to attach a “kitchen table” to one end of the island.  We’d be able to have the look and feel of a traditional kitchen table without sacrificing too much space. I didn’t even know you could build an island like that, so it was a revelation.

Q:  What did you find helpful about the proposal?

A:  We really didn’t have a good idea of what our concept for our kitchen renovation would cost, so it was great to get some information.  We recognize that it’s a ballpark estimate and it will change when we select specific cabinets and counters, etc.  However, it is very important to know approximately how much money we’ll need to put into it and what to plan for.  The proposal was also very specific about the various stages of demolition, construction, and finishing that the pricing covered – so we understood more about how the process worked.

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