Remodeling Q&A From A Homeowners Perspective

by admin on March 01, 2011

By: admin

The Remodeling Process

When a potential client first contacts Moss for their home improvement, we schedule an initial consultation to look at the space and talk with the client about what they want to change and why.  We discuss possible design options and the benefits or drawbacks of particular choices.  I tell them about Moss and describe the stages in the design and construction process.  Then I take measurements and return to my office to develop a design that will be presented as a proposal and ultimately become the signed contract.

Recently, I met with a couple who were considering a complete remodel of their kitchen.  After the initial consultation, I contacted them to ask them about their experience.

Q: What did you like best about your consultation?

A:  We’ve done a lot of thinking about the kitchen – and what we don’t like about it!  But, you gave us a lot of possible design ideas to consider for our home improvement and suggested some ideas that had never occurred to us.  For instance, we hadn’t thought about moving the wall between the kitchen and dining room to give the kitchen more space.  But, that makes a lot of sense.  Your impressive design portfolio also gave us some new ideas.

We also liked that you really listened to us.  I could see that you understood that it was a priority for us to open up the kitchen/living room/dining room area – and to move the entrance to the kitchen.  And you got why we wanted to make those changes.  You were very thorough and asked us questions about aspects of the design we hadn’t given much thought to – like the lighting.

Q: What did you find the most educational?

A: I got a better understanding of the process involved in planning a kitchen renovation.  You explained that after the consultation, you will draw up a possible kitchen design and work on a proposal that would give us a rough idea of how much everything would cost.  The next step is working with you to revise and refine the design.  We would also talk to your cabinet designer to come up with a kitchen cabinet design (We thought it was great you had someone specifically devoted to cabinets since that’s a big part of what we want to change about the kitchen).  Then we’d sign a contract, order the cabinets and other supplies, and get ready for construction.

Q:  What was different about the Moss approach?

A: I really appreciated how much you were willing to work with us to refine the design before we signed a contract.  That isn’t true of every remodeler!  A lot of times they want you to pay them upfront before you see even preliminary designs.  I liked the idea that you would come out to visit us again and talk about any alterations if necessary.  With other remodelers, we worried that we could pay them money for a design and then decide we didn’t like it and didn’t want to work with them.  That isn’t a concern with Moss.

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