Company Video

We are very proud of our company video and we feel it truly represents our culture and our ‘remodeling with care’ philosophy.  Moss Building and Design understands that the experience of the home improvement process is as important as the construction itself.

What Our Staff Has To Say About MOSS

In our company video you’ll hear personal views from our three owners, Pete Hampel, Jason Hampel & Justin Schopp about the old-fashioned values MOSS was built upon and their philosophy that has made MOSS the leading remodeling and home services company in Northern VA.

You’ll also hear from MOSS employees such as: Ryan Pettit, Turn-Key Technician, and Jodi Jameson, Customer Care Manager for Moss Building & Design.  They will talk about why they have worked at MOSS for all these years and what it means to feel proud of their work and the extraordinary customer service they offer each and every day.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

You’ll not only learn more about Moss Building & Design but you’ll get a firsthand look inside some of the projects that we’ve completed from the homeowners themselves and receive valuable feedback about our work quality, values and culture.

The Warner family in Oakton, VA. 

They added an entire story to their home, including four bedrooms and two full bathrooms. After having children, they recognized the need for more space. They were able to achieve their dream without having to move away from the location they loved.

The Adams-Galupo family in Arlington, VA.

They renovated their basement with us several years ago and when they realized they needed more space, they contacted MOSS again.  This time, MOSS remodeled their family room and kitchen and added a master bathroom upstairs.

The homeowners in the video address the common fears of remodeling that we helped them overcome.  These include staying within budget, the fear of coming home to a mess, remodeling with young children, and staying informed throughout the entire process.

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