MOSS 360: Augmented and Virtual Reality for Home Remodeling

MOSS 360 is a Game Changer

At MOSS we offer a superior design experience that will help you accomplish your remodeling goals. We have several components to this experience that will help you make your dream remodel a reality.  The components include Architects, Customer Success Managers, In-House Project Designers, and MOSS 360, to mention a few.


MOSS 360

MOSS 360 is a best in class augmented and virtual reality design capability.

Jumping into the virtual reality experience, this capability will help you envision your new remodel before construction begins and with a realistic experience like none other.  MOSS 360 is changing the game as it allows you to feel your remodel as opposed to seeing drawings on paper.  You will experience your remodel before construction even begins.  Walk through a real project in MOSS 360 with us in this video.

MOSS 360

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Real-Time Lighting

For each MOSS 360 project, MOSS expert Tyler will do a sun study to determine how light will fall into the remodel. This is a common quandry homeowners have that can determine a lot of the design choices they want to test out. For instance, if you’re not sure how a paint color in your living room will differ from 12 pm to 9 pm, MOSS 360 allows you to see that difference within the space in real time, potentially saving you time and money from having to repaint if it’s not the look you were going for.

See your Space

While this feature may seem self-explanatory, there is a big difference between visualizing a space and actually walking through it. If you have concerns about how big a hallway is, or the door-swing to a small bathroom– or maybe you are concerned about whether your kitchen will hold your whole family during the holidays– MOSS 360 allows you to see for yourself whether or not those space issues are real or not. Feeling whether or not a room is too small (or too big) is no longer something you determine after the remodel has already finished. With MOSS 360, you can feel how your space flows before construction has even begun– an invaluable feature for homeowners who are deep in the remodeling and design process.

Selections Up Close

One of the capabilities that may surprise homeowners using the technology is how customizable MOSS 360 can be. Instead of just visual representations of selections– for instance a standard kitchen sink faucet or kitchen countertop– homeowners can choose exactly which brand selection they would like. If you want to see how a certain kitchen sink will look (say a Kohler Apron-front sink) MOSS 360 has the ability to scan in that exact selection and place it into your space.

Likewise, if you have an exact slab of granite that you want to see how the light reflects off of it, Tyler can place that exact slab of granite into the MOSS 360. The customization available to homeowners with MOSS 360 will allow them to not only see how each individual selection looks, but how cohesive the selections look together by walking through and seeing them in a real-life setting.

MOSS 360


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