Topics: Bathrooms | November 16, 2022

We spoke to one of our MOSS designers, Marta Layton, about guiding customers through the bathroom remodeling process at MOSS. Layton is a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer, as well as a Universal Design Certified Professional, and has been guiding customers through bathroom remodels for many years.  

According to Layton, customers remodel bathrooms for a variety of reasons. Primary bathrooms are often remodeled to create a more relaxing space for unwinding at the end of a long day.  

clean bathroom remodel with updated flooring

Guest Bathrooms

Guest and hallway bathrooms are remodeled to improve the overall look of the home. And, lately, more and more ADA accessible bathrooms are being designed and built on the main floor of a home for those customers who want to age in place.  

bathroom remodeling with an ada project

Bathroom Remodeling for Style & Function

One beautiful example of a primary bathroom remodel is shown here, wherein a customer in Arlington wanted their bathroom remodeled to accommodate their style as well as to include a custom sauna for relaxation and health purposes.  


The MOSS Process for Bathroom Remodeling

Layton shared that the MOSS process for any remodel, and especially with bathrooms, is deliberately planned to develop a very personalized concept during the design forward stage of the partnership with the customers. No designs are “cookie cutter” unless that is the homeowners’ request. Bathrooms are some of the most daunting projects for designers as there are many selections that need to coordinate perfectly to create the finished product. For example, fixtures, multiple types and styles of tile, cabinets, countertops, accessories, hardware, lighting, etc. are all typical selections needed in what is a relatively small space.  


Are you considering a bathroom remodel for your home? Request a consultation with MOSS today!  

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