Happy Mother's Day

by admin on May 08, 2016

By: admin

jeannine millerBy Jeannine Miller (JMiller@MossBuildingandDesign.com)

mother's day

Mother’s Day is super special to me. I joke a lot about my kids and how they drive me crazy and the trials and tribs of motherhood, but the truth is, I love being a mom. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Being a mom is also my greatest challenge. I have always been pretty successful at the things I really put my heart and energy in to. (That statement should sound a lot less braggadocios when I admit that I normally only do things I really want to do AND I have a fantastic revisionist memory, so I conveniently forget my failings.) That said, the most important thing I’ve ever attempted, being a mom, is probably the thing I’m the worst at.

My biggest shortcomings, patience and selflessness, are inherently opposed to parenthood. Yet by forcing me to become more patient and selfless, parenthood has made me a better person. Being a better person has made me happier. Being happier has made me a better wife. Being a better wife has made me a better mom. It’s not a bad circle to get caught up in.

This Mother’s Day I’m feeling particularly grateful. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen the fear in the eyes of a friend who worries that cancer will shorten her days as a mother. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen the sorrow in the eyes of two friends who will never hug their moms again. All I know is that I’m grateful for three beautiful children who love me despite my many gaffes, mistakes and blunders. I’m grateful for a loving husband whose patience and selflessness make up for my lack thereof. And most of all I’m grateful to my own mom, without whom none of this joy would be possible.

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