Home Automation Lands at the Hampel House in Oakton,VA….

by admin on April 16, 2010

By: admin

The Perks of Home Automation in my Northern VA Home

Somehow I have managed to negotiate some very cool--though some might say unnecessary-- home automation into my house.  Maybe it's not "necessary" to be able to use my iPhone to control the speaker volume on the deck, but we weren't listening to music out back at all because it was such a pain to get to the equipment.

Thanks to Justin Tsuchida, owner of the local business iHome integration (formerly Executive 411), I will soon be able to use my iPhone to not only turn on and off my A/V equipment from anywhere with a wifi connection (including my deck and backyard), I can view songs on my docked iPod, change them, alter the volume, alter the source, etc.  The software is even programmed so that all of the controls for the room you are standing in appear together (i.e. lights, music).

The system is expandable to also control the house thermostat, alarm system, lights, and even cameras that can be positioned around the house.  These are all items for future negotiations of course. But I think it's pretty compelling that anywhere there's a wifi connection, I could then access my automated home from my iPhone to do things like set the alarm or watch my kids playing in the backyard.

And my wife is already getting something besides an ecstatic husband out of the deal. Her dream of invisible speakers has come true.  We will be putting speakers in our wall that are actually drywalled in place and painted over so that they just look like the rest of the wall. And believe it or not, the sound is fantastic.  I will keep you posted on if this technology is as cool as it seems. In the meantime, please give us a call if you would like to talk about what you can do with home automation (including home theaters) in your house.

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