Home Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Northern VA Home For Fall

by Carly McAlister on November 29, 2012

By: Carly McAlister

Tips to maintain your home during Fall

Nathan Shaffer, our General Manager of Moss Home Services knows a thing or two about home maintenance.  We got Nathan to share some valuable home maintenance tips for Fall.  Check out our video with Nathan & Jeannine Miller to learn what you can do to prepare your home for these colder months ahead.

Chimney Maintenance

Non-brick related chimneys should have flashing around the chimney and chimney caps.  These make sure there is no water entering the home from the top of the chimney.  If water would enter it would cause damage to your home & nobody wants that!  For brick chimneys the most important thing is looking for any loose mortar around the top of the chimney & crown.  Having the mortar top looked at will keep water from getting inside & causing damage to your Northern VA home.

Gutter Maintenance & Down Spouts

With leaves falling this time of the year you need someone to come out and clean all the debris from your gutters and make sure they are working properly.  Especially with downspouts and the winter weather upon us you do not want water damming up and causing ice dams.  This would result in leaking & wet dry wall.  You can also use gutter extensions to ensure that water stays away from your home.

Exterior Caulking Around Windows & Doors

Before it gets too chilly you want to make sure you have plenty of paint on the trim.  The paint will not stick as well when the temperature drops below freezing.  There should be no open seams that way it will protect from the elements.  Along your doors should be well caulked.  With winter coming you don’t want snow setting up against the door and causing rot.

Moss Home Services

Moss Home Services serves the Northern VA community and provides several home improvements services including electrical, handyman, plumbing, tiling & much more. Our home maintenance tips can be done on your own.  However, if you aren’t someone who enjoys performing home maintenance yourself feel free to give us a call at 703.961.7707 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or come out & provide you with a free estimate.

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