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by Madeline Pillow on July 31, 2014

By: Madeline Pillow

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Kitchens are usually the first room homeowners choose to remodel. This is because the kitchen functions as one of the most useful and high-traffic areas in a home, condo, or apartment. A kitchen should meet a homeowner’s needs based on aesthetic, budget, and family dynamic when considering a remodel. It should also be both functional and meet design needs to ensure that the space has longevity.

In this blog, we will take a look at a recent kitchen remodel in Arlington, VA (seen above and below) that features a modified accessibility design and combines both function and design, meeting all the homeowner’s needs.

Arlington, VA Kitchen Remodel

For this remodel, the homeowner had concerns about accessibility in her high-rise condo throughout the space but also in the design. These concerns included:

  • The condo needed to be power chair accessible, especially in the kitchen for entertaining
  • The homeowner didn’t want the space to feel like it was an assisted living space

A before picture of the space is seen below.

Moss Building & Design

The owner has traditional tastes, in terms of design, though her high-rise condo is a more modern space. With the help of the MOSS team, these two styles were united in the space while keeping an awareness of the function that the condo needed to have.

Moss Analysis: Northern VA Kitchen Renovations

In approaching this remodel, it was the design and the accessibility of the space that were the focal points.


As mentioned previously, the homeowner had more traditional design tastes while her condo originally was modern. Through MOSS and J & J Designs, LLC., her taste came through in the dark, traditional wood of her kitchen cabinets which were carried over into the bathroom remodel to create a cohesive design.

The cabinets were walnut with a darker stain. They were a fully custom line, Moss branded, from Hampshire Company. The kitchen was also given a small seating area (seen below) where bold wallpaper gives a focal point to the kitchen and pops up against the dark cabinets. It is also the perfect area to survey the stunning views from the apartment to Washington, D.C.

Moss Building & Design

Quartz countertops were also installed because of their visual appeal and the low maintenance aspect of the material. Another important feature of the remodel for the homeowner was ensuring that the space would have a longevity do that she could live in the design for an extended amount of time.

The incredible views from the condo space that the homeowner enjoys in her remodeled condo can be seen here:


Moss Building & Design


 The focus on accessibility in the condo’s kitchen was centered around the space needed for the homeowner’s power chair as well as the experience for other guests in the kitchen. Accessibility came through:

  • Full access cabinet drawers
  • Addition of 2 dishwasher drawers
  • Relocation of the microwave to a lower location
  • Integrated cooktop (through control of heat and possibility of burning oneself on the unit)

Other items in the kitchen were reused in the remodel such as the microwave, the kitchen hood, and the warming drawer.

This Arlington, VA kitchen combines both traditional taste and a modern style in a condo taking in the glamorous views of Washington, D.C. Through this remodel, the homeowner can access everything in her own space and also enjoy the company of family and friends in a space that encapsulates her design and taste.

See a before and after of the kitchen remodel below.

Moss Building & Design

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Collaborate with Moss Building & Design on your next kitchen remodel! Our experts take a consultative approach so we take into account your needs, budget, and your home in order to deliver a kitchen that matches your family dynamic and your family for years to come.

MOSS often designs spaces for modified accessibility and collaborates with designers or physical therapists to ensure the remodel will meet all the needs of the client.

Check out our portfolios to see our completed remodels and to get ideas for your remodel.  You can also stay connected with MOSS through our app where you can submit project inquires along with photos of your home improvement needs.  Download it today—it is available on Google Play and iTunes or call us for a free estimate at 703.961.7707.

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