Northern VA Handyman Service Helps Reduce The Risk Of Basement Flooding

by Carly McAlister on June 13, 2013

By: Carly McAlister

Northern VA handyman service

As severe storms are predicted to hit the Northern VA area this evening we’ve received many questions about basement flooding.  First, if your basement is prone to flooding make sure you elevate as many items as you can to eliminate the risk of those items getting damaged.  Also make sure your down spouts are cleaned out and pointing away from your home.  There are a number of things you can do to lower the risk of your basement flooding. 

Northern VA Handyman Services Installs Battery Back-up Sump Pumps

northern va handyman serviceA sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in your basement.  It is important for you to test your sump pump to make sure it is working properly, especially if you know a big storm is expected.  You can do this by opening the sump pump and lifting up on the float valve.  When you do this it should automatically kick on.  If it doesn’t start up then it could be an electrical issue or the sump pump is bad, and you should call a plumber or electrician immediately.  What happens if you have a bad storm and you lose power but still have water in your basement?  Our Northern VA handyman service can come out to your home and install a battery back-up sump pump.  These are especially good for when you lose power and still need to remove water from your basement.  We install a lot of these and it is always a good idea to have one.  A lot of people don’t realize they need one until it is too late and they are already without power.  By installing one in advance you know you have a way to remove the water from your basement even if you lose power, which does happen a lot with severe storms (everyone remember the Derecho last June!??).  They also sell water powered back up sump pumps that use the city water supply to power them.  These are especially helpful when you lose electricity for multiple days and still need a sump pump.

Replacing Wood Trim with PVC or James Hardie Trim

Replacing wood trim that is old and has rotted is a great way to reduce the risk of water leaking into your home.  As time passes the wooden exterior trim begins to rot.  This is often due to the painting process when they originally installed the trim.  The ends of the wooden trim typically does not get painted and that causes those areas to rot and ultimately are the cause of water leaking into your home.  Our Northern VA handyman can replace the old trim with PVC or James Hardie trim and you can rest assured that there is no maintenance required.  You don’t have to replace all of it at once.  We can do a spot replacement where we only pull what has gone bad and replace it with the new PVC or James Hardie trim.

Your Northern VA Handyman Service

We encourage you to contact Moss Home Services should you have any questions or need any home repairs during this time.  You can also view our list of tips on preparing for severe weather.  Stay safe and if you need anything call 703.961.7707.

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