The Gift That Keeps On Giving

by Leora Kahn on December 02, 2016

By: Leora Kahn

Jeannine Miller

By – Jeannine Miller (

I, for one, think re-gifting gets a bad [w]rap.  In a world with too much stuff, it just makes sense to take something you don’t want/use/like and pass it along to someone who would enjoy it.  Am I right?

Holiday Season Northern Virginia

I’m not talking about the time I got a used, wrinkled shirt that was two sizes too small from a former sister in law…or the time I got a $25 gift card in a work exchange which turned out to have like four bucks left on it…that’s just rude.  I’m talking about nice, never-used items you have received but do not suit you.

If you are thinking of re-gifting something that would be a nice fit for someone else, I say go for it.  Just be sure to follow a few rules:

  1. Re-wrap the gift and, for goodness’ sake, be sure to remove the original tag. If you don’t repackage, you might miss the handwritten note from Aunt Jane or the tiny jewelry box containing a family heirloom.  You think this would be obvious, but apparently it’s not.
  2. You’ve got to re-gift outside the original circle. If you go from friends to family or co-workers to church friends, you should be able to avoid the awkward “Hey, didn’t I give you that framed cat picture last year?”
  3. This may be the most important rule so listen closely. Never, ever accidentally re-gift lingerie to your husband’s boss’ wife thinking it was that dumb scarf your husband got you last Christmas.

Happy Holidays

If you have any good (and by good I mean bad) re-gifting stories, I would love to hear them!  Share them and I’ll send you a $50 MOSS gift certificate.  Happy Holidays!

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