Wait out Joaquin with these Indoor DIY Projects

by admin on October 02, 2015

By: admin

Even though Joaquin seems to be less threatening to us in Northern Virginia, the chances that you're going to want to go out in the dreary weather are probably slim. We've put together a fun list of indoor DIY projects to keep you (and your kids) from going stir-crazy this rainy weekend. Show us your finished projects by posting them to our Facebook Page!

Picture frame chalkboardPicture Frame Chalkboard

From The Frugal Homemaker

You'll need:

Picture Frame

Chalkboard Paint

White Paint (optional)


See Step-by-Step


shutter mail holder

Window Shutter Mail Holder

From Life as a Thrifter 

You'll Need:

Old Shutter (Joaquin might help you out with this one)

Paint (your color choice)


See how this one turned out!

DIY mason jar

Mason Jar Tissue Holder

From Landeelu

You'll Need:

Mason Jar(s)


Scrapbook paper

X-Acto Knife

See Step-by-Step

Growth Chart diyFamily Growth Chart Ruler

From Where the Smiles Have Been

You'll Need:

Wood board

Sand Paper

Wood Stain and Sealent

Command Stips

See Step-by-Step 

 DIY tile paint

Paint Your Fireplace Tile

From Setting For Four

You'll Need:

Tile Paint

Painter's Tape

Paint Brushes

See Step-by-Step

Home ImprovementLast but not least, for those of you who have attended one of our HandyMOM101 courses, this weekend would be a great time for you to put your Caulk-It, Tile-It and Patch-It skills to the test if you choose to tackle some of your own home improvements.  Share a picture and use #HandyMOM101 to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  Stay safe this weekend, NoVA!

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