Kitchen Remodel in Fairfax Station, VA

Kitchen Remodel in Fairfax Station, VA

The kitchen is where the heart is.” Although considered the heart of the home, many homeowners are challenged with their kitchen’s lack of flow and outdated design.


In a home nestled alongside the woods of Fairfax Station amidst wildlife and nature, empty nesters Mark and Terri transformed their impractical 1980’s kitchen into a welcoming oasis to gather family and friends.


As American homes have changed over the years, so has Moss Building & Design’s approach to custom kitchen design. The kitchen is no longer simply a place where meals are prepared and shared. Not only were Mark and Terri seeking an updated kitchen design, but they also wanted to expand into an open concept. Moving a much-used dining room into an unused living room provided the square-footage to enlarge the kitchen’s footprint. With the removal of a load-bearing wall, a coffered ceiling was fit to conceal support beams while creating architectural continuity. The result is an expansive retreat for cooking and entertaining outfitted with bespoke cabinetry, professional appliances, and exotic natural stone tops.


At Moss Building & Design we have an extraordinary team of kitchen designers who will guide you through your kitchen remodel journey. Our award-winning designers work on each project to understand the practical requirements of your kitchen, learn about your lifestyle, and capture your inspirational style. Our designers work closely with our highly trained construction teams to create one-of-a-kind kitchens that include: custom kitchen cabinetry, beautiful hardwood flooring, updated lighting, and so much more.


Today, Mark and Terri’s new kitchen is an open-concept design with plenty of space for cooking, baking, eating, and entertaining.


In a dramatic contrast, leathered Indigo Soapstone counters rest atop cabinets handcrafted by Amish artisans. The homeowners were fascinated with how soapstone responds to the leathered treatment, resulting in elongated raised crevices creating depth and texture that complement the movement in the smoother-finished marble.


To ensure a unified finish at the exposed ends of a well-planned 3”x6” brick-laid, beveled subway tile backsplash, 3”x3” beveled tiles were special ordered. The seamless finished-edge, without cutting the bevel and without using a Schluter or bullnose, is the attention to detail the design commanded.


Re-purposed L-shaped square-footage under and next to the stairwell created a niche the perfect depth to house a Sub-Zero refrigerator, full-size freezer, and recessed cabinets. A thin, full-height pullout pantry was added later to adjust to the discovery of an unmovable post hidden in the wall. The cabinets were installed flush to the drywall opening to preserve the kitchen’s sightlines without encroaching on the design’s symmetry. A crown plate and crown molding were mounted directly onto the drywall, as opposed to the face of the cabinet, and returned at the corners and end-runs slightly to create the same molding profile throughout the kitchen.


The homeowners’ most beloved element is their dogs’ water station, with a pot filler faucet. Elaborate organization systems also abound, including a custom hood with legs, incorporating spice pullouts and decorative corbels; a concealed TV; and a range with a hidden pullout for additional storage. Keeping an eye toward the picturesque view from their windows, the soothing paint color Silver Strand respects the surrounding nature outside as well as the natural stone elements inside.


Our kitchen remodel designers will assist you through every step of the decision-making, design, and selection process to ensure your new kitchen is a realization of your dreams. The end result is a beautifully crafted built-in kitchen that is unique to your family and home.


Please view our kitchen design portfolio to experience the magnificent transformations that our custom design teams bring to a home.


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