New Design Provides Fairfax Family the Kitchen of Their Dreams 

New Design Provides Fairfax Family the Kitchen of Their Dreams 

Removing walls and completely redesigning the space took this kitchen from adequate to perfect  

Customer Focus, Fairness 

This homeowner has a passion for cooking and it’s one of the ways she shows her love for her family.  She spent several years considering what would go into making her perfect kitchen and how she wanted it to feel and function. Our designer respected this and meticulously went through the selection process with her, discussing every single cabinet and drawer placement to be sure it served the exact purpose the homeowner wanted.  


Due to COVID, one of the kids was distance-learning from the sunroom, which was accessed through the kitchen we were remodeling. Knowing the student would need to come inside for breaks, we were diligent about keeping his path clear and safeProper PPE and site protection was used at all times. 


The homeowner really wanted the island top to be one continuous surface with no sink or anything interrupting the smooth line. This posed a challenge because she also wanted both dishwashers in the islandOur team devised a way to run the plumbing above the flooring, inside the island, so that it could be accessed in the future. (“An engineering marvel” said the inspector.) 


Our carpenters mounted the curved-profile hood through the stone and then cut and trimmed it onsite to the homeowners specifications 

Looking at the existing window trim, the project manager decided a 2cm backsplash was needed so it would not stick out further than the window trimWe then angled the end cuts on the backsplash to match the angle on the wall and countertop for a cohesive look.  

We have had the honor of sponsoring the kids’ school fundraisers and are grateful to this family for supporting MOSS charitable initiatives.  Having done 21 projects for this family, we are proud to have them as a MOSS “Customer for Life.”