Second Story Addition in Fairfax, VA

Second Story Addition in Fairfax, VA

Home sweet home! Many homeowners are challenged with an outdated design and structural limitations of the home they love. A home that worked well for them for several years, now no longer suits their needs. Homeowners are adding a wide variety of home additions to accommodate unique requirements.


Such was the case for Tom and Judy and their Fairfax home. As American homes have changed over the years, so has Moss Building & Design’s approach to home additions. A home addition is no longer simply the addition of a room. It’s about truly understanding the homeowners’ needs and identifying the best options. Not only were Tom and Judy seeking more space for their family and to be able to stay in their community, they wanted the new home addition to feel like a seamless part of the original structure.


At Moss Building & Design we have an extraordinary team of home additions designers who will guide you through your remodeling journey. Our award-winning designers work on each project to understand the practical requirements of your home addition, learn about your lifestyle, and capture your inspirational style. Our designers work closely with our highly trained teams to yield one-of-a-kind additions that include: beautiful, expanded kitchens, fun and inviting basement family game rooms, gorgeous decks and so much more.


Today Tom and Judy’s new addition remodeling project result is an entirely new addition that includes multiple new bedrooms as well as three finished, full bathrooms. The family is able to spread out yet remain connected – not only with one another but with their neighborhood community as well.


Our additions remodeling designers will assist you through every step of the decision-making, design, and selection process to ensure your new addition is a realization of your dreams. The end result is a beautifully crafted home addition that is unique to each home and family.


Please view our home additions portfolio to experience the magnificent transformations that our custom design teams bring to a home.


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