Updated Vienna Basement Provides Better Use of Light and Space Plus Unique Design Features

Updated Vienna Basement Provides Better Use of Light and Space Plus Unique Design Features

While previously finished, this Vienna basement needed a refresh, with an emphasis on light, better flow, and a touch of unique designto create a perfect series of spaces for these homeowners.  

Customer Focus 

With wood paneling lining the walls (including the bathroom shower!), as well as other irregularly shaped and un-finished spaces throughout, this Vienna basement was a throwback to a style that the new homeowners didn’t love for their long-term useOur customers came to MOSS with a vision to update their basement to a space that included a main family room, a home office, laundry area, guest bedroom and bathroom that all flowed beautifully, used the square footage well, and allowed in more light than before. Our design experts listened carefully to our customers’ needs and created the rooms and functionality they wanted as well as re-designed the bathroom with unique tile floor and wall to give the basement a fun touch of modern/contemporary flair.  


With a remodel completed during the global coronavirus pandemic, and with two curious cats wandering the home, MOSS had to be especially careful of the health and safety of all the residents of the home. Strict adherence to CDC guidelines combined with MOSS’s own standards allowed the remodel to be completed without interruption, disruption, or the felines coming into any danger.  


High performance is what all MOSS team members strive for with each project. Working with our customers and providing them with solutions to spaces that they hadn’t considered is a hallmark of our persistent pursuit of high performance standards. The newly remodeled basement bathroom, for instance, is an especially favorite space for the homeowners, who loved the idea of continuing the floor tile up the walls of the shower stall.  


Reliance on outside vendors is a large part of any remodel process, and oftentimes we find ourselves dependent on shipping delays and other issues that affect our projects. MOSS strives to stay “ahead of the curve” on any delays of this nature. In this instance, there was a delay for the laundry room countertops, which was communicated to the homeowners ahead of time. Our fairness principle dictates transparency for anything that is out of MOSS’s direct or indirect control.  


Quality remodeling can be seen in the care that is taken with a project. In this case, the quality of work has given these homeowners a better lit space with a more contemporary look and feel, and a basement that truly works for their needs. Careful attention to detail (sliding pocket doors, lighting, flooring, for example) all add up to incredible quality.  

Portfolio Overview  

From outdated to beautiful, this Vienna basement is a transformation that also has better functionality, perfect for these homeowners for years to come.