HVAC Services in Northern Virginia

Afraid of an air conditioning breakdown in the middle of summer? Worried about no heat during a snowstorm? To avoid these catastrophes, Moss Building & Design has a solution for Northern Virginia homeowners.

Moss Building & Design would like to introduce our brand-new HVAC service agreement program for MOSS customers! For only $89 per visit, our HVAC service agreement provides regular HVAC maintenance for your home. We’ll send you a MOSS heating and cooling professional.

This technician will perform the following tasks to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape for the upcoming season:

  • Check the blower wheel of your air conditioner to make sure that the wheel is firmly affixed to the motor, the motor spins freely with no bearing play and the wheel and motor have no dust or debris buildup.
  • Clean the motor of your air conditioner.
  • Check wiring on air conditioner to ensure all connections are tight, and wires show no signs of fraying or ground out.
  • Inspect coils and contactor of your air conditioner.
  • Test capacitors within the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Test refrigerant pressures for proper subcooling and superheat parameters.
  • Test temperature drop across coil of your air conditioner to make sure it’s between 17 and 22 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Clean condensation drain line by separating it from the A/C unit and running one quart of water through the line.
  • If applicable, run ejection pump by filling it with water and checking for leaks or water loss.
  • Check air filter to show overall the health of your home and its HVAC system.

Service agreements fit nicely into your busy schedule and offer money-saving benefits, including a lower heating bill and fewer equipment repairs and replacements.

If it’s about your home, MOSS has you covered! Our selected team of qualified HVAC professionals are backed by our promise to quality service. Fill out the form on this page to contact us about this new offer.