Basement Remodeling Tips

With kitchen renovations and bathroom remodeling projects, you will be quite aware of the work. Your daily routine will be impacted, possibly by having the water shut off or not being able to cook. The good thing about basement remodeling is that is takes place in the basement!

Workers will be out of sight and debris is contained. You can also add anything to your basement that you would in any other room. You can put a kitchen down there, a bathroom, bedroom, game room, home gym, etc. Check out Moss’ previous basement remodeling projects to get some ideas. We’d also be happy to arrange a visit for a free estimate.

Some things to consider during planning for your new basement:

  • Would you like to add a bathroom for guests and family?
  • Do you like the idea of tile or wood flooring for low maintenance?
  • Have you considered a home office or guest bedroom?
  • Do you have an exercise room in the house?
  • Do you need a door at the top of the stairs? What kind would look best with the rest of the house?
  • Would you like a basement bar for entertaining?
  • Does it make sense to install a laundry chute?