An Unexpected Twist in the Moss "How Cool Is That Tool" Contest

by admin on March 08, 2010

By: admin

Congratulations to our first and second place winners of “How Cool is That Tool?” Jim and Mary, respectively.  Jim will be receiving an iPod Touch and Mary will be receiving a new kitchen faucet.  Since we received two correct answers so quickly, we determined that our picture clue may have been a LITTLE too big.  But, leave it to a man to google the picture and solve the puzzle in “10 minutes or less.” (His words.)

So, we’ve decided to throw another iPod Touch into the mix and let the contest continue with Jim and Mary sworn to secrecy.  Have fun and keep those answers coming.

Here's your second piece of the picture puzzle:


And here's your 2nd video clue:

Click here to watch the full sized video on YouTube

And remember to send your guesses to me at  Good luck!

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