Appliance Alarms-- Thanks, but I know the dishes are clean!

by admin on November 13, 2015

By: admin

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With my kitchen remodel, I got the appliances of my dreams. Unfortunately, they are slowly turning into a nightmare. While the appliances themselves operate very quietly, the alarm sounds they make are driving me nuts. EVERYTHING makes a sound. Some are short, some play a whole friggin’ tune. At first I didn’t even know which sound belonged to which appliance, so trying to silence them was a real treat.

My beautiful kitchen remodel that is a symphony of reminders....

The fridge and freezer beep if you’ve left the door open too long which, I suppose, is helpful since my kids don’t give a crap about wasting electricity or food. The microwave beeps if you don’t retrieve your reheated food in a certain amount of time – that’s okay too since my husband is now less likely to leave his coffee mug in there all day. I guess if I’m being nice, I would say the washer and dryer signals are good to have so you know when to change loads, although I do find them a bit bossy. But the one I can’t stand is the dishwasher. Its very looong signal seems like it will never end and, when it finally does, only waits a few minutes before sounding again. I actually go on rants that sound something like “DON’T YOU THINK I KNOW I NEED TO UNLOAD THE DISHES?? I’ll be sure to get right on that as soon as I finish making the kids’ lunches and folding the laundry and letting the dog out and making dinner…" and then I remember that I’m talking to the dishwasher and not Phil and apologize for my displaced anger.

All in all, I love these new appliances and they perform beautifully. However, there are times when I long for the past when I was able to ignore the clothes in the washer so long that they needed to be rewashed just to get rid of the mildew smell.

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