Remodeling Trend: The She Shed

by Madeline Pillow on June 10, 2015

By: Madeline Pillow

 ‘She Shed the new ‘Man-Cave’?

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Many remodeling shows on television revel in the creation of a ‘man-cave’ in a basement or recreation room.

What doesn’t seem to come up often is the reverse of this; a room that has a cutesy name and is designated just for a woman. Cue the “Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” jokes.

In all seriousness, the kitchen is a room for the whole family. It is a place for homework, late night snacks and even a haven for men who are the cooks of the family.

Basements and recreation rooms are also spaces for kids to retreat to for video games and watching movies.

So where does that leave you, the Mom, or the lady of the house?

There may be a new solution and it’s called the ‘She Shed.’ Yes, ladies, there is finally a place all your own.

The uses of it can vary from a craft room to a home office. But the idea is to create a space that is uniquely your own and allows you to get away.

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While many of us probably don't have an empty shed standing around and a ‘She Shed’ is not the next home improvement project on your list, see if there is any space that you can call your own in your home. Not only does this give you some much needed ‘me’ time, but also by removing yourself to a designated space for either crafts or reading, you are able to be more focused elsewhere.

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