Virtual Reality Remodeling Capabilities In Your Own Home!

by Pam Kopiak on April 26, 2017

By: Pam Kopiak



Ok, I am having a hard time focusing today.  Literally.  I just spent way too much time looking up virtual reality apps on the Google Play store.  Did you know that there are zombie shooting games, virtual roller coaster rides, haunted spaces to explore and much more all accessible on your very own smart phone?  All you need is something called Google Cardboard and into another dimension you go!



Virtual Reality In Home Design

So you can take a virtual reality roller coaster ride and you can explore a haunted house. But guess what else you can do... remodel your home in a virtual reality! YOUR home! Think Property Brothers here.  Where they show you beforehand what that dingy little house COULD look like if you bought it and renovated it.  Oh the possibiliities.  Well, we here at MOSS can do that too!  Along with our MOSS 360 tool, we also have the Google Cardboard for our customers to try out.  Exciting right? If you already have a Google Cardboard at home, see for yourself how we remodel homes in virtual reality with this Northern Virginia kitchen and sunroom.


Virtual Reality and Design It

If you are intrigued by this, then come join us at our Design It workshop tomorrow night, April 27th, in Chantilly, VA. At the event, you will have the opportunity to receive free design advice from the experts, experience the best in class virtual reality remodeling capabilities, and learn the latest in design trends. It is free to attend, we just ask that you register beforehand, here! Oh and did I mention, everyone leaves with their very own Google Cardboard Sign me up!  



Northern Virginia's Best Remodeler

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