Questions You Should Ask At An Open House

by Leora Kahn on June 28, 2017

By: Leora Kahn

If you are looking to remodel your home, I highly suggest you attend an open house hosted by a remodeling company. Not only do open houses provide you with an opportunity to walk through a brand new remodel, but you can talk to the people who physically did the work.

Now is the chance to ask all of your questions to the experts, at no cost. You can discuss the changes the homeowners made, why they were made, possible complications they came across, and get their opinion on the final product.

If open houses seem to come across as overwhelming because of the salesmen, come prepared! Here are a few questions to get the conversation flowing, with no pressure. Open houses are a great opportunity to ask all of these questions and more. So take advantage of these, and get a feel of what your home could be!

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Attend an Open House in Northern VA

If you attend an open house in Northern VA, try to attend one in a community close to yours. Because Northern Virginia is so big, ranging from wide acres of land in Bristow, to cramped, one story homes in Arlington. Attending an open house similar to yours provides you the chance to see how the homeowner tackled similar spacial problems. If you happen to live in a neighborhood for example, where kitchen bump-outs are the trend, look out for open houses close by with that local trend. You can then talk to people who are dealing with similar issues, homeowners who have felt your pain, and did something about it! At MOSS, we pride ourselves in working hard with you to create a home that isn't just aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, fits the needs of you and your family. We want to build and design a home that makes life easier for your family; we want to add value. So, what should you ask when attending an open house? 

Questions to Ask The Homeowner of a Recently Remodeled Home:

  1. How much did this project cost?
  • I don’t think most contractors or homeowners will tell you on the spot, but hey, doesn’t hurt to ask!
  1. What was the design and construction process like, what did it entail?
  2. How long did the project take, start to finish… what was the timeline?
  3. Did one company both design and build this project? If not, who designed the space?
  4. What were some of your concerns before beginning this project?
  5. What did you want to change about your previous home? Did you have any concerns during the process?
  6. What did your home look like before the renovations, do you have any before-photos?
  7. Were you able to live in your home during construction? If not, was it difficult, was it worth it?
  8. And finally, are you satisfied with the end result?

What Should I Ask a Remodeler At An Open House?

  1. Am I in an area where you work?  
  • Again, I recommend you attend an open house in a nearby community. This will increase your odds of the homeowner having had similar problems that your household is currently dealing with. Also, design and function trends tend to be similar in nearby communities. The great thing about MOSS, is that we serve all of Northern Virginia and our teams are geographically aligned. For example, if you do a kitchen remodel with us today, and in a few years, decide to create a mudroom, we will have the same team working on your project. Our neighborhood teams know the top local trends and know how to solve all of your concerns. We will work with you to find the best solution for your family.
  1. How long have you been in business?
  • Moss Building & Design has been in business since 2001. Moss Home Services has since been created to handle the smaller jobs.
  1. What's your area of expertise?
  • MOSS handles everything from a three-story addition, to fixing a dry wall patch. Moss Home Services is not your typical “handyman company.”  Yes, we can take care of those items, but we also offer much more than that.  We’ll remove walls, reconfigure spaces and handle smaller remodels, including decks and porches.
  1. Do you handle permitting?
  • Yes, we handle everything. Leave it to us!
  • For more information on how to choose a contractor, check out this contractor’s guide. There you will find all of the questions you should ask your contractor before you sign.
  1. Do you have any past customers I can contact? What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?
  • MOSS offers a list of past customers who are happy to speak with you about their MOSS experience.
  • 85% of our customers are customers for life, and 70% of our customers are repeat clients or referrals!
  1. Do you all provide a warranty?
  • MOSS is the only full service residential remodeler to offer a lifetime warranty! Learn more.
  1. Who would be physically working on my project?
  • All of our highly skilled employees and trade partners are background checked and badged. Because we work in geographically aligned teams, you can always count on having familiar faces on your projects. 

Remodeling in Northern VA: What to Look For

The first thing you should discuss when meeting with a contractor is why you are looking to remodel.  Not everyone wants the same updates! In your collaboration with your contractor, you might talk about any changes you want to make in the context of how long you might be in the space before thinking of selling.  If you are thinking of selling in the near future then it might make sense to get advice on what is out there on the current market and plan accordingly.  If you don't plan on going anywhere soon, then there's no need to be tied to any current trends.  Maybe all your friends are doing all white kitchens and you still really love the look of a dark oak kitchen.  That's your choice and your contractor should work with you to create your unique space. 


The Best Remodeler in McLean, Virginia

You've all heard the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  Well that doesn't apply to your home, because you should love where you live! When you transform your space, you will notice a huge improvement in your overall happiness in your home. Our MOSS customers in McLean, VA did just this.  Their home was functionally fine before they moved in, but it has since been transformed to fit their own specifc desires, and it's pretty amazing. If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, please come join us at their Open House on Thursday, June 29th, to see for yourself, and ask those questions! The event is free, we just ask that you RSVP, here.

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