5 Signs you are a Baseball Mom

by admin on April 22, 2016

By: admin

Zaiba Hasan by Zaiba Hasan (ZHasan@MossBuildingandDesign.com)

#1 You have no off days

I spend 7 out of 7 days of the week at some sporting event or another.  Let me repeat that, 7 out of 7 days, you will find me and my huge silver “beast”, driving all over Northern Virginia dropping or picking up 1 of my 4 children and their teammates to either a baseball field or a basketball court.  Let’s keep it real my children will NOT be playing for the Washington Wizards or Washington Nationals anytime soon…or ever.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.00.37 PM#2 You (actually) dread baseball season

Confession time…I do NOT actually enjoy baseball (or insert your sport of choice here) season. In fact I start dreading it weeks before it even begins. Now don’t get me wrong, I love watching my children play.  I am like any other mother whose heart wells with pride as they watch their child’s bat crack against the ball and I too hold my breath in anticipation of a fly-ball outfield catch.  For me, it’s purely the logistics of getting 4 kids to a thousand and one activities (at times simultaneously), making dinner, helping with homework, working etc. etc. The stress of simply remembering to wash their uniforms in a timely manner is enough to make me slowly go gray!!

#3 You have to schedule EVERYTHING

Over the years I have figured out a system of sorts to get me through the craziness.  It is by no means a perfect system but I have survived 8 plus years and counting, so it really can’t be all that bad.  I have to schedule, literally everything, which I do every Sunday evening.  You’ll see my color-coded Cozi calendar marked up with every minute detail (yesterday’s entry included “green socks, black jersey, don’t forget the team Gatorade” for example).  When you are being pulled in a thousand different directions, being able to quickly glance at your phone or computer screen for a snap shot of your day is extremely important.  Before a huge tournament weekend I print out a list before I start packing to ensure I don’t forget anything important…um like socks.

My poor daughter (“Z2”) had to make it through a whole tournament weekend on one pair of socks.  Needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant drive home for anyone!!  

mclean little league

Z2 waiting out the cold with MOSS the builder

#4 Sometimes you have to outsource

Whether it be a cleaning service, cooking service, babysitting service, sometimes a mama needs some help.  My secret weapon to get me through baseball season and my vice of choice is using a laundry service.  I drop off all of my kids’ laundry on Thursday mornings and the laundry goddesses of Bubbles Laundromat wash, fold, and divide my children’s laundry into 4 neatly folded piles, in less than 24 hours.  Can you hear the angels singing?  

clean little league

Even MOSS the builder needed a dry cleaning run after opening day for McLean Little league!

#5 Eating out is a tempting alternative

In order to avoid eating at Chipotle every night I have to meal plan once a week.  I marinade, semi-cook, chop vegetables, wash fruit, pack snacks in advance.  So when it’s time to head to game/practice I dump my containers into my “picnic basket” and can quickly head out the door.  We may not sit down and eat together as a family around a table but we enjoy having a family “picnic” every night.  Usually running in different directions most evenings, any time we can squeeze in family time even if it’s not traditional, is worth it for us.
Enjoy the baseball season fellow moms! 

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