Generation Genius, If You Ask Me

by Jeannine on June 01, 2017

By: Jeannine


By – Jeannine Miller (


Millenials: Evil, Genius, or Evil Geniuses?

I think Millennials are getting a bad rap.  Some say this generation is lazy, but I disagree.  I actually admire their knack for finding creative solutions that often result in immediate gratification.  I’ve recently come across some fine examples of Millennial-isms which I would like to share.

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If your objective is to eat, who cares how you make it happen?  (Note: Spelling not a strong suit.)

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Speaking of eating, no need to wash your dish if it never touches the food.  Also makes wrapping leftovers a cinch. 

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And when your parents are sick of you living in their basement and ruining the place, placate them with minimal effort.  (C’mon, you know dryer sheets smell super fresh.)

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All kidding aside, Millennials are awesome and deserve our respect.  They are resourceful, educated and tolerant to name just a few qualities.  Oh, and tech-savvy, definitely tech-savvy -- without a Millennial, I wouldn’t know how to get my blog to you! And now a word from my sponsor:

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