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by Pam Kopiak on March 10, 2017

By: Pam Kopiak









Open Showers 

We got to talking about bathrooms at the office the other day, as we often do in our line of work, and the subject of open showers came up.  The concept has been around for a little while now but it still doesn’t seem to be very prevalent.  I, for one, LOVE the concept of an open shower.  If I had the space, I would go for it. Here are some reasons I think they are a good choice.

Wide Open Spaces

Showers normally have walls on all four sides and can therefore make you feel boxed in. Depending on your space limitations, you can end up feeling a little claustrophobic (I visited Ireland this past summer and boy are those showers TINY).  When you go with an open shower, you don’t have to "watch your elbows." There’s plenty of room to spread out.  The lack of boudaries on all sides keeps the space open and bright.

Textured Rustic Style Walk-In Shower Design                                                                                                                                                                                 More:  1900 Inn on Montford in Asheville, North Carolina:

Feel The Luxury

The use of an open shower can feel luxurious.  It’s like being at a spa or using a nice outdoor shower.  What a refreshing way to be able to get ready every day.  

Modern bathroom inspiration by COCOON | sturdy stainless steel bathroom taps | modern shower sets | bathroom design & renovation | Dutch Designer Brand COCOON | Bali villa: Shower behind the sinks...... It's kinda like a cave...... So neat!!:

Added Safety 

More and more people are planning their home renovations around accommodating their aging family members.  It can be hard (if not impossible) for some people to get into a bath tub or even a shower with a curb on it.  Even if it is just a small step, sometimes that can cause added uncertainty to someone without a good sense of balance.  Open showers mitigate this risk.  By being able to walk in and out without obstruction, this can mean freedom for an edlerly parent.  That’s worth the expense right there.

Double shower with no walls to keep clean! I love that you can see the plumbing:  For Universal Design - Trench drain catches water before it comes out of roll in showers. And they look great! Shared by @Feia Construction, LLC - Susie FeiaConstruction, LLC - Susie Feia:

Best Bathroom Remodeler

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