Incredible Interior Remodel in Ashburn 

Incredible Interior Remodel in Ashburn 

full main and upper-level remodel in this Ashburn home provided the homeowners an updated overall design look that is much more functional for their familyand beautiful to boot. 

Customer Focus 

Our customers loved their home but considered moving to better accommodate their large family of six. After initially putting the house on the market, they reconsidered and decided to stay in Ashburn in a school system and community they realized they loved. With that decision made, they decided that their home needed to be updated to reflect a better use of space, a design more in keeping with their personality and aesthetic, and a more streamlined functionality to the main and upper levels. MOSS worked with the homeowners to understand their design style and captured their vision to use the space that presented itself more effectively within the interior, rather than putting on a large addition.  



The remodel began in 2020, during the global pandemic. From the very beginning, MOSS emphasized a need for consistent health and safety standards for both our workers and the family with daily health checks and mask wearingfollowing CDC guidelines. In addition, MOSS labored while the family stayed in the house and with four young children at home doing virtual, distance learning during the entire duration of the remodel. Keeping the entire family safe and healthy was a top priority for our team.  



Our MOSS design team went to great lengths to find space for an upstairs en suite bathroom and a larger master closet. Creating that space from the original open, double foyer solved the problem – not only did it give the family the space upstairs to create those new rooms, but it gave their foyer a fresh and beautiful look, complete with a new set of stairs with handcrafted stair rails. 



Maintaining a safe situation for all involved meant an incredible amount of transparency and communication between the homeowners and the entire team at MOSS. Besides the daily interactions and health checks, MOSS was careful to check in on the family’s welfare and comfort level throughout the project.  



This remodel was such a thorough and complete change to the look and feel of this home that it ranks incredibly high on all levels of MOSS quality. From the overhaul of the main entrance to create new spaces on the upper level, to the craftmanship that went into the family room ceiling and fireplace surround, to the heated floors of the master bedroom, and finally, to all the touches to create whimsical and gorgeous bathrooms for the family’s children, it is a beautiful masterpiece of design and functionality.  


Conclusion/Link to Portfolio 

Designing and implementing a massive remodel while a family continues to live in the home requires expertise, experience, patience, and focus on safety. Achieving such a gorgeous result while keeping a handle on external factors is a testament to MOSS’s ability to manage and fulfil customer expectations.  


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