Stunning Interior Remodel in Historic Town of Herndon Home

Stunning Interior Remodel in Historic Town of Herndon Home

Modern upgrades combined with deliberate design decisions, with a nod to its long history, transformed this home into the more functional, yet just as beautiful, space that it is today. 

Customer Focus 

Our customers purchased their home knowing that they wanted to maintain its integrity and original look and feel from when it was built over 100 years ago. Yet, they also knew that they wanted to modernize and upgrade portions of it to meet their family’s needs, as well as to add conveniences and create more functionality. Working with our design team, as well as the historical review board of Town of Herndon, the remodel was able to take shape just as our customers had envisioned it. Our expert designers spend quality time working with homeowners to create the home they will be happy with for the long term, giving them the comfort of mind that the design took shape with our customers’ needs always at the forefront.  


This beautiful interior remodel was completed during the pandemic of 2020 and while our customers were expecting a second child. Knowing that the space was limited (the entire house measures just over 1800 square feet), our team took pains to work in specific sections, as carefully as possible and with time management ever present. There were considerations put into place for installing safety stairs in the home’s attic, as per the customer request, as well as safeguards for the newly installed Murphy bed, as the room where it is located in doubles as a playroom for the home’s children.  


Consistent communication between our customers and our entire team was key to the success of this remodel. Not only did MOSS switch out one of the home’s original kitchen exit doorways to a new window (that was in line with the design of other historic homes in the Town of Herndon), but the newly crafted, hand built-in bookshelves in the dining room were done to the exact specifications of the homeowner, giving them cozy dining/library space they had always dreamed of.  


In keeping with the historic design of the home, MOSS was diligent in our design process to incorporate features, such as the new kitchen stove, that had a “retro” look and feel, yet, all the bells and whistles of a modern oven.  


The overall quality of this remodel is nothing short of stunning. From the updated kitchen that included maintaining the home’s original heart pine flooring (a specific wish from the customer), a new laundry room area, an updated main level bathroom (that included the beautiful clawfoot tub as another ode to the home’s traditional historic design), the new Murphy bed for visitors, and the functional floor to ceiling built in bookshelves in the dining room, this remodel truly provided the homeowners a better use of their limited space, while keeping the historical design aspects in place.  


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