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Having lived in their Oakton home for several years, these homeowners knew that they wanted to stay in the community they had grown to love for the long term. But they also were acutely aware of what was missing from their forever home: a spacious garage. So, these MOSS customers partnered with our experts to work through the process of county approvals, design, and functionality of how and what their new garage addition would entail to create a space that flows seamlessly from their main home and fulfills their every need.  

Vehicle Warmth in Winter 

Northern Virginia winters vary from mild days to blizzard conditionsOne of the dreams of these homeowners was to be able to enter their car in the winter months without having to venture outside and to wait for the car to warm up! This garage addition, with easy access from the home’s main level, was the solution they were hoping for. It allows for two cars to be parked inside, giving the drivers a little extra time in the morning and the lack of freezing temperatures (while scraping a windshield, for example!).  

Storage for All the Things 

A garage serves not only as a place to store vehicles, but also additional room for outdoor and landscape tools, lawn and garden materials and related items, sports equipment, etc. — all the things that don’t belong in your home! This new garage addition included storage racks and shelves for all the above listed items, plus bikes, ladders, etc. In in neat rows along the perimeter walls. It has freed up space in the home’s basement and given the homeowners easy access to items that otherwise might have been forgotten or used sparingly.  

Beautiful Stonework & Seamless Transitions 

This garage addition also includes beautiful stonework along the driveway, to add a touch of sophistication to the outdoor design. With matching siding to the main home, as well as matching light fixtures on either side, plus a privacy garage door, this garage addition not only is functional, but also beautifully transitions from the main structure.  

If you’ve been longing for a garage addition for the same reasons as these homeowners, contact MOSS today to begin a conversation and schedule your free consultation at Hello@MossBuildingAndDesign.com or 703.961.7707.  

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