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Blogger, Jenn of Moss Building and Design

By: Jenn Zschunke (

Patchin’ Mamma

Three boys.

Two trips to the emergency room.

Two holes in our walls.

Considering the first statistic, I would have assumed I’d have more of the latter two. Fortunately, that is not the case. Since I am not a doctor, I didn’t personally fix those injuries that sent us to the hospital. But the walls? Well, that’s a different story. I have zero excuses to not patch those holes, considering I have been setting up MOSS’ HandyMOM 101 workshops for over three years – and one of our most popular workshops is “Patch It.” The intent of the workshops, of course, is to educate and empower women to tackle home improvement projects, like patching holes in walls caused by, say, errant toys or children’s heads. I set my nerves aside, put on my imaginary hard hat, and set to work!

The holes in the walls (the source of the holes will not be named for privacy reasons) were superficial in nature. Meaning, they were in drywall that was not being used for hanging anything heavy nor would need to be repaired with more support behind them. So, that told me that the fix was one of the easier ones.

I gathered my materials from Lowe’s, including joint compound (referred to as drywall “mud”), mesh patch squares that adhere to drywall, a metal joint knife (plastic is less expensive but not as effective), a sanding wedge, primer, paint, and drop-cloths!

Patching Dry Wall

Step #1: I made sure the holes didn’t have anything sticking out from them, and sanded them a bit to make them smooth.

Dry Wall Patch

Step #2: I (and my son) pressed the mesh square on the holes and made sure they were sticking well.

Patching a Hole

Step #3: I used my joint knife to apply the joint compound to the wall on and around the mesh square location – and this is important! – I made sure to go a good distance around the original square. Then, I feathered it out so it blended in well. This step is really crucial to making sure that your patch is easily covered up and looks seamless with your primer/paint. It doesn’t have to be thin or thick at this point – just make sure that you can’t see the mesh lines.

Patching Holes in Wall

Step #4: After letting the joint compound dry, I sanded it – this is messy – and ran my hands over the holes to make sure it was pretty smooth. Then, I did another layer of the joint compound. Again, you don’t have to use a ton, but you need to use enough to cover the mesh lines. Applied smoothly, and then when sanded, you won’t be able to see anything at all of the mesh square.

Patching a Dry Wall

Step #5: After letting layer #2 dry, I sanded the walls again. This is the part that always worries me. But I tried to use common sense (and my education from the HandyMOM 101 workshops) to sand to the point that the wall felt smooth on my hands and couldn’t see any of the mesh square. I was reassured by the professionals at our office that I was doing it right, and that after the priming and paint it would be fine!


Step #6: Primer! I put primer on the walls and made sure it covered all the sanded joint compound as well as even farther out on all sides. Even though the holes weren’t huge, it’s important to prime and paint a pretty large area/almost the entire wall – again, you want your repair to look as seamless as possible. Let the primer dry.

How To Patch Walls

Step #7: Primer round #2. Dry.

Let the Primer Dry

Step #8: Paint layer 1. Dry.

Let Paint Dry

Step #9: Paint layer 2.

Painted Walls Finish

Step #10: Congratulated myself with a nice glass of wine and stared at the walls.

Northern VA Handyman

Actually, step #10 should be that I felt incredibly proud of myself for fixing the walls. The empowerment that MOSS  teaches to the local community came back to me, ten-fold. And the cost was minimal. If I can do this, anyone can. And now, I’m contemplating becoming a Tilin’ Mama, and installing my own kitchen backsplash.

Jenn Zschunke is part of Moss Building & Design’s Community Relations Department. If interested in planning a HandyMOM 101 or HandyGirl 101 workshop programs, contact her at 


by Leora Kahn on October 24, 2016

Refer Three Friends and Receive a Free Handyman

What do the following phrases have in common?

  • “Where can I get a good burger around here?”
  • “Where do you go to clean your duvet cover?”
  • “I love your shoes, where did you get them?”

Each phrase begs the question, “Will you please give me your best recommendation based off of your experiences?” When your good friend asks you for advice on where to spend their hard-earned money, they expect you to provide your honest opinion!

You will get rewarded for being a reliable friend when you refer them to Moss Building & Design.

Our Enhanced Referral Program

When you refer three people to MOSS for an addition, kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel and they attend an appointment with a MOSS Sales Consultant, you will immediately receive a FREE handyman for a day.

Simple as that. No strings attached.

You can finally get everything checked off of your ‘honey-do’ list! All you have to do is recommend Moss Building & Design to your friends who are considering remodeling their addition, kitchen, bathroom or basement.

It’s good to be rewarded for being a great friend.

Referring a Friend is Easy with the MOSS App

Our MOSS app is an easy way to refer your friends.

You can download the app to your smartphone here!

MOSS Phone App

Click ‘Refer a Fried’ and fill out your contact information and the name and contact information of the person you want to refer!  Don’t have three people to refer at once?  No problem!  You can come back to the MOSS app time and time again to submit as many referrals as you’d like!

MOSS Referral Program

No app? No problem! You can always call us at 703-961-7707 or e-mail at When the person you referred schedules an appointment, we will keep track of your referrals for you.

Northern Virginia’s Best Contractor

You have trusted MOSS for all of your home improvement needs, it’s time your friends trusted us too! Feel free to refer as many friends as you want! There is NO limit on how many FREE handymen you can get!  We pride ourselves on being your one trusted company that can take care of all of your home improvement needs. We at MOSS continue to put our customer’s wants and needs first. Now we want you to share your positive MOSS experience with the rest of Northern Virginia!



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