Addition, Kitchen and Mudroom in Centreville, VA

Every customer who comes to remodel their home with MOSS brings with them a different set of challenges. Every space is unique and sometimes customers have a different vision of how they want that space to function. In this blog series, we will highlight specific problems customers want to address in their home and how MOSS helped find those solutions.

The project: an addition featuring a kitchen, mudroom and game room

Style: transitional

Duration: ~5 months

Quote-able: “It all started because our oven was too small.”


The Kitchen

Small Oven Be Gone

Problem: It all started with a small oven.

The lack of elbow room by their oven was one of the last straws in convincing these homeowners in Centerville, VA it was time to move forward with an addition.

Solution: Being able to comfortably cook in their kitchen was an important part in their decision to remodel so to address this concern, the homeowners had a double oven installed. By bumping out the back of the house, they were able to reconfigure the space for plenty of elbow room.

Addition, Kitchen and Mudroom in Centreville, VA


Counter Space: “I think we solved that problem”

Problem: Lack of counter space in the kitchen.

Solution: With the addition off of the kitchen, they were able to have more than enough counter space. The customers joked after the fact, “I think we solved that problem,” referring to the L-shaped kitchen island that could be installed with the added space. “It works great as a buffet line for parties.”

Addition, Kitchen and Mudroom in Centreville, VA

Adding Kitchen Storage

Problem: Lack of Kitchen Storage.

Particularly for these homeowners, having an ample amount of kitchen storage was a necessity. “I have every kind of maker there is.”

Solution: With brand new kitchen cabinets, the homeowners now have more than enough storage. “Now I can go out and buy more plates since I have a place to put them.”

Addition, Kitchen and Mudroom in Centreville, VA

Stand Out Selections

  • Kitchen faucet: Kohler K-5283-NA Stainless Steel Strive 35
  • Wine fridge: EdgeStar 46 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone stainless steel wine cooler
  • Double Oven: 30 in double electric wall oven self-cleaning in stainless steel
  • Double Dishwasher: Bosch 800 Series 24


The Mudroom

A New Entryway

Problem: No mudroom

Having a mudroom was also a necessity for these customers, whose existing home didn’t have one.

Solution: With the addition extending the first level off the back and side of the house, the space was reconfigured to allow the garage door to open into a brand new mudroom, rather than right into the kitchen. Simple built-in shelving and cubbies were installed for easy organization

Addition, Kitchen and Mudroom in Centreville, VA


The Game Room

Another important thing for these homeowners was being the go-to hangout space for their kids. Always being on the run with sports meant family time was a huge priority. Keeping the kids close to home wasn’t hard to do with the game room that was added to their basement. 

Addition, Kitchen and Mudroom in Centreville, VA


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Get Inspired: Portfolio


by Haley Johnston on May 19, 2016

We sat down with MOSS Kitchen Designer Gina Hardesty to talk kitchen cabinet trends. “Kitchen cabinets are one of the most challenging elements to a kitchen remodel. Customers tend to ‘stress out’ over kitchen cabinets because they are such a dominant feature and have a huge impact on the space.”

Looking at recent trends can give you some ideas and inspiration when choosing your kitchen cabinets.

Doubling Up

Nowadays we aren’t just seeing one-color cabinets. Homeowners are getting creative with their cabinet colors by having the the upper cabinets one color and the lower cabinets another color.

The most common kitchen cabinet color combos our Kitchen Designers are seeing are:

White and grey for a timeless or transitional look, white and a bold color (blue, green, yellow etc. ) for a modern look, and white and medium rustic stain finish for a rustic or even urban feel.  

Grey Matters
White and Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Get Personal

One of the main reasons why you may want to double up on your kitchen cabinet colors? This allows you to personalize your kitchen even more.  “Most people like the idea of personalizing their kitchen as much as possible. That’s one reason why you will see the two colors being used. It’s easier to get away with a bold color choice or even a different finish type if it is used  as an accent color.”

Because of this, it is easier for a kitchen remodel to have its own unique feel specific to the customer’s own style and taste– which is always a good thing!

Kitchen and Mudroom Renovation in Chantilly, VA

MOSS Original: Kitchen Remodel in Chantilly, VA

Bold isn’t Out

While some would say that bold colors are on their way out of the kitchen, our designers have found that there has been a huge increase in requests for bold color paint finishes to be added to cabinetry collections. This just goes to show again that personalization is at the forefront when customers are designing their kitchens.

Blantyre Pl. Residence
White and Navy Kitchen Cabinets

Did these kitchen cabinets make you drool? Talk to a kitchen designer like Gina today and get started on the kitchen of your dreams — your cabinets will thank you!

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Get Inspired: Portfolio


My Family by Color

May 16, 2016

 by Zaiba Hasan ( Lately it feels like we have been living in one gray day after the next for the past few weeks– one specific lyric of a Taylor Swift song jumped out at me as I drove home from basketball practice: “the rest of the world was black and white and we were screaming in color.”   Metaphorically, the people closest to you really do “color” your lives in wonderfully amazing ways, granted some not as good.  If the people closest to you WERE colors what colors would they be?  Using the Benjamin Moore’s 2016 color trends as inspiration I thought I would assign my beloved family members a color as I “paint” you a picture of our lives. I’ve mentioned my kiddies a few times before but haven’t really paid homage to my hubby of seventeen years.  He is a true patriarch of our little family. My rock. …   
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Nooks and Crannies: How to Utilize Small(er) Spaces in your Home

May 12, 2016

 By Pam Kopiak ( Nooks and crannies. I am not talking about English Muffins here (sorry if that is a dated reference but a lot of you out there will get it). I am talking about the spaces in your home that don’t necessarily have a purpose. I am looking at one in my house right now – the area where my future “mudroom” will be at the back of my kitchen. Right now it just houses a bench with my sewing supplies strewn across it and a pile of shoes underneath (only one pair of which is mine – go figure). Here are some ideas as to what can be done to maximize these areas. Rounding The Corner – With Built-Ins Who says a corner is just a corner? If you can, cut into that wall (Disclaimer: not you yourself but a licensed contractor) and create some built-ins like this …   
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Happy Mother’s Day

May 8, 2016

By Jeannine Miller ( Mother’s Day is super special to me. I joke a lot about my kids and how they drive me crazy and the trials and tribs of motherhood, but the truth is, I love being a mom. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being a mom is also my greatest challenge. I have always been pretty successful at the things I really put my heart and energy in to. (That statement should sound a lot less braggadocios when I admit that I normally only do things I really want to do AND I have a fantastic revisionist memory, so I conveniently forget my failings.) That said, the most important thing I’ve ever attempted, being a mom, is probably the thing I’m the worst at. My biggest shortcomings, patience and selflessness, are inherently opposed to parenthood. Yet by forcing me to become more patient and …   
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Exterior Makeovers: Better Homes & Gardens Edition

April 30, 2016

If you’re like us you love Better Homes & Gardens! It’s easy to get excited about renovating your exterior after seeing these incredible exterior transformations from this BHG gallery. Exterior Makeover: Home Edition   “A quirky facade with cottage charm had deteriorated over the years, leaving the home in shambles. Boarded up windows, a crumbling front stoop, and a barren yard signaled a cry for help.” “Even with a new paint job, portico, and a few changes to the floor plan, the 1907 home looks virtually unaltered. New garden beds enhance the property’s cottage charm and welcome guests to step in through the front door.” What we love: The fresh coat of paint and new red door makes this home look clean, polished and curb-beautiful! “Odd window configurations, plain clapboard siding, and a nondescript porch gave the front exterior of this 1920s cottage very little personality.” “A renovation that boasts strong …   
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A Wonderful ‘Girls Night Out’ at Dominion Electric

April 29, 2016

By Jeannine Miller ( One of my favorite parts of my job is partnering with our vendors for an evening of education and entertainment. Last night I got to do just that with Dominion Electric Supply Company in Arlington. Dominion really pulled out all the stops by providing an amazing spread of food and wine, making guests feel indulged the minute they walked through the door. Watch the full recap below! The educational portion of our evening began with a very informative presentation by Liz Iacone, a rep for Philips Lightolier. Many of us were familiar with some of the benefits of LEDs such as longer bulb life and lower heat generation, but we didn’t know much about the color temperature of the light produced by LEDs. Liz helped us understand the color temperature concept and how to select the correct bulbs for our homes. (Stay in the 2700-3000K range and …   
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Kids’ Rooms: To Go All Out or Simply Paint…

April 28, 2016

          By Pam Kopiak ( We all love our kids.  Most of the time anyway.  To see my kids enjoy something really makes me happy.  That being said, there are boundaries to what I will do for my children.  Paint his or her bedroom the color shade of his or her choice?  Sure.  I’m even ok with adding kids furniture like bunk beds with stairs (just check out my son’s room).  But what about getting a little crazy like a mural on the wall or even making a tree for a reading area inside the bedroom?  It might not be for me but some people (actually a lot of people) are just more daring than I am.  Here are a few ideas from keeping it simple to really going all out. It’s As Easy As A Coat Of Paint Chalk board paint that is.  This is …   
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5 Signs you are a Baseball Mom

April 22, 2016

 by Zaiba Hasan ( #1 You have no off days I spend 7 out of 7 days of the week at some sporting event or another.  Let me repeat that, 7 out of 7 days, you will find me and my huge silver “beast”, driving all over Northern Virginia dropping or picking up 1 of my 4 children and their teammates to either a baseball field or a basketball court.  Let’s keep it real my children will NOT be playing for the Washington Wizards or Washington Nationals anytime soon…or ever. #2 You (actually) dread baseball season Confession time…I do NOT actually enjoy baseball (or insert your sport of choice here) season. In fact I start dreading it weeks before it even begins. Now don’t get me wrong, I love watching my children play.  I am like any other mother whose heart wells with pride as they watch their child’s bat …   
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What Homeowners Can Learn from the Love It or List It Lawsuit

April 19, 2016

Last week, two North Carolina homeowners sued the company that produces the hit HGTV show, ‘Love it or List it.’ In the lawsuit the couple alleges that the work done by the show and subcontractors was “disastrous” and that their “renovations” caused more problems rather than creating solutions. While this couple’s experience is undoubtedly unconventional considering their entire renovation was filmed and part of a reality television series– it does point to some key things to consider when remodeling your home. Real Quality vs. Reality TV We admit it–we too have been sucked into the HGTV weekend marathons that seem to never end, and when the Property Brothers came to the Capital Remodel and Garden Show in February, we fan-girled (just like you would.) Community Relations Member Jeannine Miller meeting the Property Brothers at the Capital Remodel and Garden Show But when it comes to the actual renovations that you …   
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