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 An addition can leave you with many questions prior to the beginning of your project and in this second part of our FAQ addition blog, we look to answer your questions about the remodeling process.This blog covers additional questions that we often receive from clients at an initial consultation or as we talk further with them about their addition.

 Q:  How would you handle project delays during our renovation?

A:  Delays are a common event and remodeling is no exception.  Even though delays could factor into a project on a small or large scale despite best efforts, it’s all about the care one takes in response to these delays.

At Moss, we offer a solution to this unforeseen possibility through our extensive work in the pre-construction phase and our communication. From the initial consultation through pre-construction, we keep our clients in the loop about progress and we get into as many details as possible to ward against items that may cause later delays.

If unforeseen delays come, we counter them through our team communication and ensure that clients stay informed of any and all developments. Each client gets a Customer Care Manager and a Project Manager who manages selections and the project, respectively, and can be reached to help answer any questions.

It’s also through Moss Online, our project management and communication tool, which gives clients another way to reach us, but also, allows them to view selections, change orders, payment calendar, work schedule and more.

Q:  We’re considering a number of options in terms of a remodel and wonder what kind of addition would best suit us?

A:  Remodeling can seem like an overwhelming process because of the cost but also how it will affect your family. Sometimes homeowners just know that they need more space, but aren’t sure what is the best type of renovation for them.If you find yourself in a similar position, there are questions that can help you understand your needs, questions that one of our sales consultants will ask during an initial consultation visit.

These questions include:

  • What are the main needs of your family right now that aren’t being met?
  • How do you see your family’s needs changing in 5-10 years?

Through the process of answering these questions, you might realize that the function of your addition may serve a different purpose as your kids grow up or you need more space to accommodate family.

What may function as a nursery when your children are young could change into a playroom.  When your kids get older, the room could change into a family game room or into an extra bedroom or guest room. Even a sunroom can function as extra dining space and later can provide a sitting area.

In order to make sure that you are getting all that you can from your addition, make sure that the addition will grow with you and your family.

Top Northern VA Contractor 

Have questions about your home addition? Contact Moss to go over your ideas and see what would work for your home and family. You can also view our portfolio to get you started towards your home addition. Call Moss at 703-961-7707 to schedule a free consultation.


 Basement Renovations Questions

Northern VA Basement Renovation

Blogger, Jenn, of Moss Building & Design

By – Jenn Zschunke (jzschunke@mossbuildinganddesign.com)

At Moss, we  receive a range of questions from clients about what goes into a basement remodel. Whatever stage you might be in the process, these answers from our professional staff should help give you a good mental foundation of what is involved with finishing your basement – and hopefully make you excited about starting the process!

When beginning to think about a basement remodel, how should we start?

Before you start your basement remodel, think about what sort of space you want – in addition to the basic finishing (floors, walls, lighting, etc.).

  • Do you want to have a separate playroom for younger children?
  • Do you want to have a TV and/or create a media room?
  • Would it be good to include a bar or a fridge/eating area for snacks or entertaining in your basement?

We suggest thinking about your vision for your basement and writing your lists of wishes and “must haves”. Then prioritize them. We have basement designers on staff who can talk you through the remodeling process and will work with any budget to help you finish a basement that really works for your family.

What does a typical basement remodel cost? What are ways to splurge and what are ways to economize?

So many factors go into a final price for a basement remodel. Adding more than the basic components (adding a potential media room, full wet bar, etc.) can add to the cost. That being said, Moss is committed to working with our clients with any budget and helping provide them a space that is perfect for their families.

There are many ways to both splurge and save when remodeling your basement. Here are some splurges:

  • Lighting: Natural light can be hard to come by in basements. Artificial light can vary in its “artificiality” so it’s important to consider if you want to spend for something more natural, with perhaps some ambient lighting as well.
  •  Media room/large TV area: A great idea for a growing family and/or a family that entertains. While a separate room might not work out space-wise, a corner of a room with dedicated surround sound and large flat screen TV could do the trick.
  • Ceiling insulation: Helps to keep sound from above floors to a minimum.

Savings include:

  • Cabinetry: You can choose to go with a basic option for a basement bathroom or wet bar.
  •  Free standing storage vs. built-ins: This provides you both flexibility and saves money.
  • Finish space as needed: Consider finishing a portion of the basement and using the rest as storage. 

Follow our blog to get more basement FAQ questions answered!

Basement Contractors in Northern Virginia

Whether you want to finish your basement to be an in-law suite, media room, entertainment space, or to add guest rooms, we can help make your renovation dreams a reality.  To schedule a free estimate or to speak with a Moss professional about your project, call us at 703.961.7707 or email us at Sales@MossBuildingandDesign.com.


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Meet Moss is our new series where we introduce an employee bi-weekly.  We’ll describe what they do here at Moss as well as some fun and interesting facts that you may have never guessed!  We’ll also share a photo so that you can put a face to the facts and get more familiar with our employees. This Week’s Meet Moss Employee is Dave Prescott:   It is time for another Meet Moss. Today we would like you to meet employee, Dave Prescott! Dave has been with Moss almost since the beginning and joined our team in August 2002. His role in the company is lead carpenter as part of a turnkey crew. Turnkey refers to a team that works on a project from start to finish. What he enjoys the most about his job is the aspect of being on a turnkey team. Dave appreciates seeing a project go from blue print to a …   
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