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addition in Northern VA

Tips For Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home Addition

When making an investment like adding an addition to your home, there are several things to keep in mind which range from how it will impact your landscape to choosing the right windows.

An article on highlights considerations when choosing windows for your new addition.

Things to Consider When Choosing Windows for Your Addition

  •  Layout- when building an addition you’ll want the new windows to match the size, height and spacing of the windows on the existing home.
  • Efficiency- todays windows are really efficient and there is no need, in many climates, to upgrade to higher efficiency
  • Looks- match the exterior and interior window trim that’s on the existing home
  • Maintenance- one of the biggest improvements in windows, in addition to efficiency, is the ease in which you can clean them.Northern VA Addition

Check out the article from to learn more about choosing the windows for your addition in Northern Virginia.  At Moss, we pay close attention to detail and are confident that we can build your addition with the care and attention it needs to exceed your home improvement expectations.  Call us at 703.961.7707 to schedule a free estimate for your home addition or to speak to a professional to gather more information for your home improvements.

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Northern Virginia Basement Renovation with a Transitional Design

There are so many things you can do to make your basement a functional, beautiful space.  Too often, a basement goes unfinished and becomes a catch-all for storage items such as old toys, décor that you’ll never use again, and so much more.  But who says it can’t be a lovely space for everyone in your home to enjoy?

This basement remodel in Oakton, VA was unfinished and then transformed into a beautifully designed space.

Basement remodeling Oakton, VA

Basement Design Inspiration

This basement renovation included a media room, entertainment area/family room with wet bar and game area, bedroom, full bathroom and exercise room.

We worked closely with Another Eye Design in Oakton, VA to deliver the design and renovation that the homeowners wanted.

The homeowners taste is traditional throughout their entire house.  They wanted the basement to be different and a little more trendy.  They wanted it to look a little more contemporary but without going too extreme.  Another Eye Design tailored the design and selections towards a more  “transitional” style and décor.

Most of the house is decorated in warm colors—browns, golds, greens.  Camille DeLew, Owner of Another Eye Design, decided that since the basement was completely separate from the main floor, it could accommodate a completely new color scheme.   A beautiful warm gray, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, was used for the walls so that they could incorporate warmer tones for furniture and accessories  that we pulled from the wet bar backsplash colors.

Oakton, VA Basement Remodel:  Living Space with Wet Bar

Northern VA basement remodel

This basement remodel brings together the whole family.  The homeowners wanted a place for both kids and adults to enjoy at the same time. They enjoy entertaining with their friends but didn’t want the space to be too overcrowded by furniture.  To maximize seating we included the sectional and the homeowner plans to add some additional seating to their new basement.

They wanted the space as open as possible to accommodate the kids playing sports,  so we included  space for a  ping pong table and  basketball hoop.  The homeowners are also in the process of shopping for a round poker/game table with chairs so the homeowner can enjoy weekly poker games and the kids can use it as a game table with their friends.

They wanted the wet bar to accommodate drinks for kids and adults, a microwave for the kids to make snacks, an ice maker, and plenty of storage to hold dishes, glassware and flatware.

basement remodel in Oakton, VA

The ceiling over the wet bar presented an opportunity for creativity.  There happened to be a large bulkhead and we knew we couldn’t move the location of the wet bar, so we decided to use it to our advantage, give it some personality and make it into a tray ceiling.

Basement renovation Northern VA

If there was one thing that was tricky about this project, it was the columns.  Camille DeLew, Another Eye Design, recalls:  “There were several posts throughout the main area of the basement and we had to figure out a way to incorporate them into the design and prevent the room from becoming “choppy”.  Ryan Pettit, of Moss Building and Design, and I worked together to design archways throughout the basement.  Then I selected furniture (ie; cream colored sectional) that flowed easily around them so that the archways looked intentional.”

Basement Remodel:  Media Room

The homeowners like to spend a lot of time together watching movies and decided they didn’t want the traditional stadium seating.  They wanted to be able to lay down and be comfortable, so they decided on a large, deep sectional with lots of pillows.  This was the best way for them to maximize the seating in the media room.

basement contractors

The colors that were used in the media room were BM Ozark Shadows AC-26 on the walls, BM Galveston Gray AC-27  on their ceiling, BM Decorator’s white on the ceiling, trim and doors.

Basement Contractors in Northern Virginia

To see photos of our entire project check out our portfolio.  Whether you want to finish your basement to be an in-law suite, media room, entertainment space, or to add guest rooms we can help make your renovation dream a reality.  To schedule a free estimate or to speak with a Moss professional about your project, call us at 703.961.7707 or email us at


HandyGirl 101 has come to Arlington, VA

August 26, 2014

Northern VA Contractor Brings HandyGirl 101 to Arlington, VA by Pam Kopiak (   Have you ever wished you and your daughter could do something constructive together?  Something a little more substantive than shopping or getting your nails done together?  Don’t get me wrong — I love me a good pedicure and some shopping time with my daughter, but I really enjoy finding some of the other options out there too.  If this resonates with you, well, look no further.  Moss Building and Design is bringing their HandyGirl 101 program to the Arlington community and if you haven’t heard about it yet, you should check it out ( Last week, we had the pleasure of working with MONA (Mothers of North Arlington), who hosted our first HandyGirl 101 event in Arlington.  Each of the girls (and several moms) at the workshop completed a tiling project, and while they might have …   
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Miller Style: The Ice Bucket Challenge

August 22, 2014

  By – Jeannine Miller (   I just read that the Ice Bucket Challenge ALS donations have hit the $50 million mark.  How awesome is that?  Not only are good people everywhere donating to a worthy cause, but they’re providing me with endless entertainment. If you know me, you know it’s not the nicey-nicey, pretty-pretty videos that I love – I prefer the fails.  Click below to see a bunch of great ones. In addition to the fails, I am truly humored by a few different types of people I’m seeing over and over.  (I hate to stereotype, but it really does save time.)  I’ve enlisted a few folks you may recognize to show you what I mean.   The girl who loves an excuse to show herself in a bathing suit. The good ol’ boy who may have had one too many sips from the jug before …   
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Back to School: Home Design for your Northern VA Home

August 21, 2014

Northern VA Contractor Gives Tips on Home Organization   It’s almost that time again. Sharpen the pencils, the tools of last year’s homework, and buy the crayons to replace the small stubs left from last year’s doodles and prized family drawings—school’s almost here. And though your job as a parent is to make sure the transition from summer to the school year is smooth sailing with the right backpack and the locker supplies that will make every other kid on the school block jealous, there are also things you can do at home to make sure this school year is organized for your family and home. First ask yourself: What are usually the systems of organization that breakdown through the year? They might include: a place for  backpacks and lunchboxes when kids get home from school area for school-related parent information a go-to place for coats and rain jackets for the colder …   
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Meet Moss: Blake Barker

August 18, 2014

Meet Moss is our new series where we introduce an employee bi-weekly.  We’ll describe what they do here at Moss as well as some fun and interesting facts that you may have never guessed!  We’ll also share a photo so that you can put a face to the facts and get more familiar with our employees. This Week’s Meet Moss Employee is Blake Barker Blake is the lead of a turn key team at Moss, specifically for basements and additions. Turn key by definition is a team that works on project from start to finish with each member of the team holding a different discipline (plumber, electrician etc.).He has been with Moss for 2 years and started as an electrician with Moss Home Services. His experience in the industry has spanned 9 years.Blake, while on the job, finds great joy in the new opportunities presented with every day. “I learn something new …   
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Home Addition Ideas for Northern VA Residents

August 15, 2014

Choosing the Right Addition for your Northern Virginia Home Home additions are a large undertaking not only for a family but for the home itself. An addition, depending on the type, can make a home take on a completely different look. But with this added look comes the added utility that an addition provides. In-law suite additions are very popular right now, providing peace of mind and enough room for additional family members in the house. (For more information, see our recent in-law suite addition featured in The Washington Post.) As well, an over the garage addition takes advantage of space that is usually ignored without needing additional square footage. With every addition, there is a different need or situation which makes the decision very personalized. In this blog, we will focus on a one room office addition in Arlington, VA. Home Addition in Arlington, VA Additions have useful benefits …   
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Arlington Homeowners: To plaster or not to plaster…

August 12, 2014

…Is that really the question? By –Pam Kopiak ( This Old House.  I’m not talking about the TV show, I’m talking about my home, specifically, the plaster in my older Arlington home.  If you live in Arlington, VA, chances are you know just what I’m talking about. Last month, I held one of Moss’ HandyMOM 101 DIY workshops in my house.  The hands-on workshop taught attendees how to repair a hole in their walls.  Our handyman, Marty, did a great job of showing guests how easy it was to repair a hole in a sheet of drywall he had brought with him for the presentation. Several of the attendees had the same question:  What about plaster? A lot of Arlington homes are of the older variety (mine was built in 1930!) and plaster is pretty prevalent throughout.  So, how does it differ from drywall?  Well after checking into it a …   
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Your Northern VA Basement: Brighter and Better

August 11, 2014

By – Jenn Zschunke ( A basement remodel, whether an unfinished space or a more substantial update, involves a variety of decisions for our Northern Virginia clients: what is the space going to be? If our clients have young children, will there be a play area? Older children: a space for a pool table or ping pong? A media room? Wet bar? While these are the larger, more overarching decisions, there are multiple smaller, yet just as equally important ones, when redesigning your basement (or any space). One of the most important ones in basement remodeling is the lighting. If you are lucky enough to have a walk out and some natural light, this helps immensely when planning the lighting design. If not, Moss offers several ideas for ways to create lighting that is warm, comforting, and as natural as possible. Recessed Lighting for your Basement Remodel A favorite lighting …   
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Meet Moss: David Keys 

August 7, 2014

Meet Moss is our new series where we introduce an employee bi-weekly.  We’ll describe what they do here at Moss as well as some fun and interesting facts that you may have never guessed!  We’ll also share a photo so that you can put a face to the facts and get more familiar with our employees. This Week’s Meet Moss Employee is Dave Keys  He has been with Moss since November 2013 and works on a team that primarily works inside the beltway. Dave has been in the industry for over 25 years. He started his career by learning the trade and moving his way up to become a lead carpenter. He became a Certified Remodeler with NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) in 2003 and received an achievement award from NARI National for getting the highest score in the country on the CR exam. While he is on the job, …   
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