by Haley Johnston on June 29, 2016

jeannine miller By – Jeannine Miller (

Remodel in Reston

So much of today’s business is done online.  While there is certainly a place for e-commerce, the best way to determine whether you want to hire a company is to meet their employees in-person and actually see and touch the company’s product.  Add in the ability to talk candidly with previous customers and you can truly make an informed decision.

MOSS believes an Open House is the perfect opportunity for you to do all of the above.  On Thursday evening, June 30th from 7-9 pm, we would like to show you a lovely first-floor remodel we recently completed in Reston, VA.  Our customers were an active family of four who really liked their neighborhood and wanted to their home to better accommodate their busy lifestyle and love of casual entertaining.  Below is a little preview of what you will see at the Open House.

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Before and After

A wall was removed to incorporate an under-utilized formal dining room, creating a dream kitchen for entertaining and everyday use.Reston Kitchen Remodeler

Custom carpentry updates a 1990s foyer.Hall Before and after-foyer2

Hall Before and after-foyer

Casement windows along the entire rear of the home provide ample natural light and a seamless view of the beautiful lake behind their home.Hall Before and after living room


See this Beautiful Home in Person

Please join us on Thursday, June 30th, from 7-9pm to see for yourself how this lovely home has been transformed.  Register for this free event!

And now a word from my sponsor: If you’re in the market for some home remodeling, call the experts at Moss Building & Design.  We will consult with you and help you explore the many possibilities for updating your home.  Call 703-961-7707 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

In addition to blogging about all things home and family-related, Jeannine Miller is a member of Moss Building & Design’s Community Relations team.


by Haley Johnston on June 24, 2016

zaiba hasan by Zaiba Hasan ( 

Come in a little closer my dearies.  I have a confession to make.  I work for one of the leading home renovation and remodeling companies in Northern Virginia and I literally do not know how to hammer a nail into a wall.  Seriously.  Thankfully, BECAUSE I work for one of the leading home renovation and remodeling companies I don’t really have to.  MOSS Home Services anyone?  I only tell you this, because I honestly have no idea what ever possessed me to march into our local Lowe’s with a list an arms-length long and think I would have ANY clue where to even start.  Transport me to a Target in Wichita, Kansas and I will be able to knock out my list with a screaming toddler and one hand tied behind my back! Sadly, my shopping powers do not translate to hardware stores.


Help for an Un-Handy MOM

Getting out of the parking lot I head towards the colossal building in an attempt to delve into the mysteries that lurk behind the glass doors.  Immediately as the two double doors slide open, I am transported into a faraway enchanted land.  I look around and see signs that read OUTDOORS, PLUMBING, LIGHTING, I look down at my scroll (ahem list) and I ponder where each of my items fit in the categories of hardware life. I shrug my shoulders and begin my journey.  First item on my list, outdoor string lights.  Taking a deep breath, I push forward and find myself in the LIGHTING aisle.  I stand in front of rows and rows of lights trying to decipher the unwritten code that stands in front of me.  I must’ve looked like a damsel in distress because a knight named JOHN in shining armor (OK a blue Lowe’s Shirt) and a Scottish brogue kindly asked “do you need help, ma’am?”   Before I respond, I sadly become too aware that perhaps my daughter and I have binged watched WAY too much of Once Upon a Time-but we will leave that for another day!  Clearly, John had identified me as an “un-handy” mom and came to my rescue.  Seeing my list, he explained to me that Lowe’s was divided up into different sections (outdoor, indoor, plumbing etc.) and that within each realm section, there are sub-categories.  BLANK STARE…

Lowe’s App to the Rescue

Seeing that I was still confused he asked if I had a phone.  Taking my phone out of my purse, John helped me download the LOWE’S app.  A few years ago Lowe’s partnered with StoreMode, a mobile mapping company.  Apparently, with this technology you can now semantically search, recommend and spatially locate 100 million product locations and deals at 1750 Lowe’s stores!!!  This was exactly what I needed to cipher the enigmatic code that had until then alluded me.  Thanking John and realizing that outdoor string lights would NOT actually fall under INDOOR LIGHTING, I take my blue cart and head over to OUTDOOR lighting!  I slowly start grabbing and knocking things off my list.  Taking my treasures to the register I realize that with the right tools and guidance (or app and John in this case), I can gain the confidence to circumnavigate any potentially frightening situation and that we can be our own knights in shining armor.


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Summertime: The Art of Working from Home

June 23, 2016

By Pam Kopiak ( It’s coming and I am afraid.  VERY afraid.  The last day of school is approaching fast and so stretches out the endless summer of my kids being bored at home, fighting with one another while I try to keep sane AND get some actual work done (heaven forbid).  Here are some of the ways I will attempt to distract my children during summer vacation, if even just for a tiny bit each day. Bring out the Devices Kindles that is.  And actually, we didn’t buy them but they were gifted to the kids for birthdays but I digress.  We truly TRY to limit screen time during the day (way easier said than done) but sometimes you just need to let them play a good old game of Minecraft, Jelly Splash, Sky Whale, ___ (insert name of hot new app) just so that you can have a …   
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Limited-Time Referral Program!

June 20, 2016
p>Last week MOSS was voted second in the Small Business Category for the Top Workplaces in DC. We are celebrating this achievement by offering an enhanced referral program! See what CEO Jason Hampel had to say about  MOSS winning Top Workplaces in DC. Our Offer Anyone who refers a friend that schedules an appointment will receive a $100 Moss Home Services gift certificate! All they have to do is mention your name when they call to schedule the appointment. As another token of our appreciation for your referral, when they sign a contract* you’ll receive a FREE Handyman For A Day *Contract must be valued at a minimum of $5,000 Share this post with a friend to help us celebrate our Top Workplaces win, and to help you start your Summer Honey-Do list!     
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Oh to be so ‘Enlightened’…

June 13, 2016

 by Zaiba Hasan ( “May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”  (Taken from one of my favorite books The Fellowship of the Ring).  Hands down, lighting is the MOST important element in your home décor.  Strategically placed it can help illuminate your most treasured possessions and family photographs. It’s the easy sparkle you can add to enhance and finish a space.  It’s the pair of “earrings” you put on with an outfit that literally completes and ties together your overall look.  I think you get my point…lighting is extremely important! Quite frankly we would also be in the darkness without it and given that I am still afraid of the dark let’s turn those lights on! However, with the thousands of lighting options out there it can be quite overwhelming to determine what is the perfect fit for your home.  That’s …   
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Home Painting Tricks and Tips

June 10, 2016

 by Pam Kopiak ( Hopefully those days of endless rain and cold are finally behind us. At least for a few months anyway… With the warmer weather, we usher in the painting season. Open those windows and break out that new can of paint you bought to “freshen up” your space now that those dreary winter months are behind us. Here are a few things to consider. That Pesky Blue Tape I have done several paint jobs in my house. I actually don’t mind it that much but what DOES drive me crazy is the taping part! Though there are many brands (and not all of them blue) and types (I tried the paper before), I seemed to have settled on the Scotch Blue painters tape and see where they now have one which has plastic attached to catch those wayward drips. For those who are getting funky with their paint …   
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In-Law Suites: The Perfect Place for Parents

May 27, 2016

 by Zaiba Hasan ( Recently we have been thinking of converting our garage attic into an in-law suite or “granny annex” as they say in Britain just because it sounds super fancy and I am in a fancy mood. We are both pretty close to our families and because we don’t live in the Chi-Town area (lets go Cubs—sorry folks couldn’t help myself) when they do come to visit they tend to stay for a while. It goes without saying we all look forward to these visits; my kids are spoiled rotten and my hubby and I can actually go out without spending a fortune (thanks grandmas). Win/win for all involved! However, during these visits in an effort to make everyone feel comfortable we have to do a lot of room shifting, space-making, kids-transferring you know the drill. Digression complete…hence the need for creating our very own “granny annexe.” MOSS In-Law Suite in Fairfax, …   
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Sometimes You Just Need MORE

May 27, 2016

 By Pam Kopiak ( Some days it seems like I can’t get it all done. Yesterday was one of those in fact. I really feel like I could use a clone (of myself) sometimes but am waiting until they work out the kinks on that process; I already have enough issues as it is without some reject version of myself messing things up around town. While I wait on that advancement, I wouldn’t mind some EXTRA help around the kitchen in the form of some double appliances/features. In The Sink Please! I do NOT know how many times I (and all the other moms out there) have yelled at my kids to get the dishes INTO the sink. Not near the sink but actually into the sink. It must be a hard concept to grasp as we struggle daily. Well, if I had DOUBLE sinks like this MOSS customer below, …   
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Remodeling Solutions: Addition, Kitchen, Mudroom and Game Room in Centreville, VA

May 20, 2016

Every customer who comes to remodel their home with MOSS brings with them a different set of challenges. Every space is unique and sometimes customers have a different vision of how they want that space to function. In this blog series, we will highlight specific problems customers want to address in their home and how MOSS helped find those solutions. The project: an addition featuring a kitchen, mudroom and game room Style: transitional Duration: ~5 months Quote-able: “It all started because our oven was too small.”   The Kitchen Small Oven Be Gone Problem: It all started with a small oven. The lack of elbow room by their oven was one of the last straws in convincing these homeowners in Centerville, VA it was time to move forward with an addition. Solution: Being able to comfortably cook in their kitchen was an important part in their decision to remodel so to address …   
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Remodeling Trends: Kitchen Cabinet Colors

May 19, 2016

We sat down with MOSS Kitchen Designer Gina Hardesty to talk kitchen cabinet trends. “Kitchen cabinets are one of the most challenging elements to a kitchen remodel. Customers tend to ‘stress out’ over kitchen cabinets because they are such a dominant feature and have a huge impact on the space.” Looking at recent trends can give you some ideas and inspiration when choosing your kitchen cabinets. Doubling Up Nowadays we aren’t just seeing one-color cabinets. Homeowners are getting creative with their cabinet colors by having the the upper cabinets one color and the lower cabinets another color. The most common kitchen cabinet color combos our Kitchen Designers are seeing are: White and grey for a timeless or transitional look, white and a bold color (blue, green, yellow etc. ) for a modern look, and white and medium rustic stain finish for a rustic or even urban feel.   White and …   
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