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MOSS’ best in class augmented and virtual reality design capability is making it’s LIVE television debut! Tune into Let’s Talk Live News Channel 8 on Tuesday, January 17th at 10 a.m. to catch Jeannine Miller, Community Relations and Tyler Tappan, MOSS 360 Architect as they demo our new design capability.  MOSS 360 will be on the main stage at the Home + Remodeling show this weekend!

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The Future of Remodeling is Here

MOSS 360 is one component of MOSS’ superior design process.  Our design process includes industry best architects, Customer Care Managers to help with selections, in-house designers and more!

With MOSS 360 long gone are the days of regretful design decisions post-construction.  Homeowners now have the opportunity to feel whether a room is too small (or too big) before construction has even begun. Virtual reality capabilities allow you to walk through your renovation and visualize the feeling of living in your dream home before the work has even started! This presents invaluable features for homeowners who are deep in the remodeling and design process. Features such as:

  • Virtually walking through your remodel
  • Real time lighting
  • Customized selections


Home + Remodeling Show 2017

Want to learn more? Moss Building and Design will be presenting on the main stage of the Home + Remodeling Show at the Dulles Expo Center on Saturday, January 21st at 12 p.m. and Sunday January 22nd at 1 p.m. Come by to learn about our Superior Design Experience and watch our MOSS 360 Architect demo the latest capabilities on the residential remodeling world. Maybe even try MOSS 360 out for yourself! Bring your questions and tell your friends, we cannot wait to share this experience with you!

Alison Victoria of DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers

After our presentation, make sure you stick around to see Alison Victoria from the Kitchen Crashers! There are several other celebrities coming to speak on the main stage that you don’t want to miss! If you have any other questions about your remodeling project, while at the home show, visit us at booth 631.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Alison Victoria Home Remodeling Show

The Home + Remodeling Show is located at the Dulles Expo Center, 4320 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA 20151. The show will run 10 A.M.- 9 P.M. on Friday and Saturday. Sunday hours will be from 10 A.M.- 6 P.M.

Best Northern VA Remodeler

MOSS is a trusted source for quality home improvement, building lifetime relationships with customers. We strive to create a fun and exciting experience for every project we complete, while following industry leading processes and systems to ensure we deliver your project to the highest standard.

If you are thinking of a home remodel, the professionals at MOSS are here to help.  If you have general questions, call MOSS at 703.961.7707 or email


by Leora Kahn on January 11, 2017

By: Pam Kopiak (

After the Holidays

I have been a bit distracted lately.  I will be the first to admit it.  Or maybe I’ve just had better things to do.  I’ll go with that.  Anyway, the Christmas lights are STILL up.  Both outside and inside.  I just can’t bring myself to take them down.  I  LOVE the way they glow and give the living room a warm and cozy feel.  That, and I’m being lazy.  Those two reasons.  BUT maybe there’s no need to take them all down.  I just fell down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and it seems there might be room for them to stay!


My family and I were lucky enough to make it to Meadowlark’s Winter Walk of Lights this year and saw this beautiful fairy scene.

Christmas Lights Holidays

Well, you can create the same type of effect inside your home. For example, on an end table or even a bedside table.

Fairy Lights Decor

For a larger display, create multiple and cover the mantle or a long console table.

String Lights Inside Decor

Set the Mood

Then there is the bedroom.  Sometimes it can be hard to kind of break away from the chaos of the rest of the house.  Your master bedroom should be your escape.  Something as simple as white lights can set a really relaxing or romantic tone when used here.  It seems pretty simple.  Some white sheer curtains and some lights behind them, voila.  Time to unwind.

Twinkly Lights DIY

Send a Message

If you have a tween/teen girl, then you know girls loves their space.  My daughter loves anything that lights up.  Maybe because it feels a little magical somehow?  Something like this below makes a statement and looks pretty cool while doing so.
Dream Lights Bedroom

Take Cover

Forts!  I remember making these with my friends all the time growing up, so much fun.  If I would have thought about putting up lights in the fort (like below) I am not sure we would have ever come out!  And if the kids are in a fort like this, it makes it easier to escape to your bedroom getaway! But besides the kids, this is a cozy sanctuary for the adults to lounge around in too!

Cozy Sanctuary for Adults

Northern Virginia’s Best Remodeler

Did you know that not only was Moss Home Services just voted The Best Handyman 2017 by the readers of Arlington Magazine, but Moss Building and Design is also the reigning Best Remodeler?! Thank you so much for your support throughout the years, and we look forward to being your one stop shop for all your home improvement needs. If you are thinking of a home remodel, the professionals at MOSS are here to help.  If you have general questions, call MOSS at 703.961.7707 or email


New Year, New You?

January 10, 2017

I sure hope not. By: Jeannine Miller ( Please say you’ll stay just like you are.  The reason we’re friends is because I like you this way.  If you start losing a bunch of weight, you’re probably going to be really grumpy and start bringing crappy food to happy hour.  If you become Polly Positive, we won’t have nearly as many people things to talk about and we’ll probably start doubting our self-proclaimed perfection.  See the people below?  Friends for nearly 25 years.  Nothing has changed.  Well, nothing but marital status and number of dependents, but whatever. More than my own friends, though, I sincerely hope the general population doesn’t change.  If people resolve to, say, improve their intelligence, we will miss out on gems like these and that’s just not right. Let’s take a few lessons in the following subjects: Geography History Technology   English And finally, health   …   
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2017 Trends from Another Eye Design

January 5, 2017

By: Leora Kahn ( Interior Design Trends Camille DeLew is the owner of Another Eye Design LLC, a residential design company specializing in interior decorating, room redesign, space planning, furniture selection, paint & fabric consultation, and furnishings & accessories selection. I recently picked her brain about what we can expect, interior design wise, in 2017. Here is what she had to say! Colors To Look For In 2017 Here are a few colors to keep in mind for the new year: Earthy greens and taupes Spicy reds Dusky blues Pale pastels, such as light blue, pinks and yellows for that, “pop of color” Emerald green is also going to be popular with brass fixtures Kitchens & Laundry Rooms In 2017 you are going to start seeing the use of Black Stainless Steel in both kitchens and laundry rooms. This specific look is going to be mixed with warm gold and brushed …   
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Basement Kitchens

January 5, 2017

By Pam Kopiak ( On a daily basis, I must yell “Get out of the kitchen!” at least 3 or 4 times.  My kids seem to LOVE being underfoot as I make dinner.  Never mind the newest Xbox set up in the living room with the LATEST football game out there.  Nope.  They want to kick a soccer ball around my feet or play with their Hot Wheels across the floor.  It drives me insane, I need them out!  This is where having a kitchen basement would come in handy. Small Kitchens This MOSS basement remodel in Ashburn, VA features a bar set up so you could send your guests downstairs to enjoy some beverages while simultaneously entertaining your children in the basement.  Set up a movie for them on the big screen and the adults can catch the football game on the bar screen.  I consider that a win/win. …   
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Incorporating Stone Into Your Remodel

January 3, 2017

By: Leora Kahn ( Adding stone to your remodel can make a big impact on your overall design. Rustic decor is very popular right now, and stone accents make the perfect addition to a remodel. When remodeling your home, there are several things to consider, one of the toughest choices being which design theme to choose. There are several different styles ranging from contemporary, modern, transitional, farmhouse, traditional and more. One of our favorite styles right now is rustic with stone accents. This trend is becoming more and more popular, especially in kitchens. There are many ways to incorporate stone into your home remodel. Designing With Stone Simply put, stonework inside your home is beautiful. Designing with stone immediately differentiates your home from all the others. Stone creates the ability to accent any wall of your home and therefore enhance your living space. For example, one home in Centreville, Virginia, used stone …   
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Basement Wet Bar

December 30, 2016

By: Zaiba Hasan ( When renovating our home last year, we decided to update our basement kitchenette. With four young kids plus frequent out of town visitors, we have a myriad of people coming in and out of our home at all times. Containing the mess that is the basement allows ME to keep my sanity.  Given that this was a “bonus” kitchen of sorts, coming up with the appropriate design to fit our family needs was indeed a fun challenge.  Here are a few things to think about when creating an amazing bar area for your basement: Design Theme For me, coming up with the theme is the best part of any kind of renovation. With this type of remodel you can really let your imagination guide the choices you make.  Whether you decide to go with a sports bar theme or downtown chic, a wet bar can really be the focal …   
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Spaces to Remodel

December 28, 2016

By: Leora Kahn ( Looking to remodel? Here are the crucial spaces you need to incorporate into your dream home: Tech Free Zone The idea of having a specific area in the home where technology is forbidden and crafts, reading, and other activities are encouraged. Allows for freedom of thought, a flow of creativity, and family bonding! Screened In Porch Porches are one of the best parts of the home. Screened in porches allow for a gathering place free of bugs and weather mishaps. They’re even huge even in the winter with heated floors or a fire place. Other big outdoor rooms to think about adding to your home are sun-rooms, or a four seasons room, which are typically in larger homes. Outdoor Fire Pit If you have patio, you have a fire pit. Simple as that. It is a timeless look built for family bonding and endless good times in any …   
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Design Trends for 2017

December 28, 2016

By: Zaiba Hasan ( As we roll into the New Year, the design trend inevitably starts to review the latest and greatest design trends.  Pick up a copy of Home and Design, Elle, Décor or Architectural Digest magazine and you will see the latest designs, colors and the most beautiful rooms out there.  It’s terrific art, here’s the problem.   It’s…terrific…art.   The latest version of HGTV Magazine talks about the hot new trend of velvet furniture.   That’s great for Hollywood celebrities and singles.   But can parents (or grandparents, aunts, uncles) really put a velvet sofa in the living room when little Johnny (or in my case Z4) drinks Kool-Aid in there? The challenge is coming up with trends that work.  Practical, useful, beautiful.  But most important – livable.  Good design is about how American families live…so chatting with my buddy Dawn from Dawn Earles Design we came up with the best takeaway …   
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Last Minute Holiday Tips

December 21, 2016

By Pam Kopiak ( Don’t panic! It’s just a few days until the holidays and there’s still a ton to do.  Last minute shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking.  Ok, maybe I should panic. No, I should KEEP CALM and carry on…that’s what that saying is right?  I can do this.  I just need to make it to Christmas Eve when I get to finish the last of the wrapping while watching Home Alone and sipping on hot cocoa.  If you are in a bit of a frenzy right, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Decoration Safety Tips I think we all know a person or two who waits until the VERY last minute to put up their holiday decorations.  I personally don’t understand it because I feel like if I am going to put in the effort, I might as well enjoy it for a WHILE (not the entire year though …   
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