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Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Nothing says “the here and now,” like stainless steel. When I FINALLY upgraded to a stainless steel fridge I felt like I had really made it (boy was I wrong). Nowadays, kitchens are filled with stainless steel, from fridges, microwaves, dishwashers and even hoods for the range. But there are other ways you can go contemporary with your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Seeing Things In Black And White

Many kitchen remodels are filled with wood and different shades of granite or marble. This kitchen remodel in Arlington, VA breaks the mold. With black counter-tops and white kitchen cabinets, this kitchen is striking for it’s simplicity. Also notice the stainless steel throughout!

Remodel Kitchen Cabinets

Mixing Textures for a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Nowadays, you don’t have to feel pigeon holed into using the same type of wood throughout your Northern Virginia renovation. Various shades and types of wood can add an interesting dimension to your room. Take the MOSS kitchen remodel in Leesburg, VA, pictured below. From the stainless steel pendant lights to the differing shades of wood on the floors and wall to the unique kitchen cabinets, it all blends together nicely.

Kitchen Remodel Leesburg, VA

Light Up Your Kitchen Remodel

I have said before, I think lighting is one of the best tools a person can use to really add something special to a renovation. A great way to do that to the exterior of your home? Uplighting. Add some lighting to your kitchen? Under cabinet/above cabinet lighting. The kitchen remodel in Arlington, VA, below shows how you can achieve a very modern effect by using this lighting technique. The above cabinet lighting at the back of the kitchen changes colors and really influences the mood of the space as the darkness of night moves in. This combined with the kitchen lighting above the bar stools and the sleek lines of the fan and pendant lights really highlight this contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen Furniture Remodel

Best Kitchen Remodelers in Northern Virginia

As an Arlingtonian myself, I’m happy to say Moss Building & Design was voted the BEST Remodeler in Arlington Magazine.

Have you been dreaming of a contemporary kitchen? MOSS can help you achieve a kitchen remodel that fits your individual needs and exceeds your design expectations.

A MOSS Professional would love to speak with you about your project. Call us at 703.961.7707 or email if you have general questions or if you would like to discuss your remodeling plans.


by Carly on September 23, 2016

Matt Muenster from HGTV Bath Crashers is in Town

The Capital Home Show is at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA this weekend!

Local home remodelers will be at the show in addition to HGTV and DIY Network celebrities.  This year you can see Matt Muenster of HGTV & DIY Network’s Bath Crashers on the main stage.

DIY Network: Bath Crashers

DIY Network

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Matt Muenster of Bath Crashers will be on the main stage at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA on Friday, September 23, 2016 at 6pm with his presentation, “A Modern Take on Bathroom Design.”

Can’t make it this evening?  No worries!  You’ll have more opportunities to see the Bath Crashers star this weekend.  On Saturday, September 24th Matt Muenster will be on the main stage at 5pm.  Lastly, your final chance to see Matt Muenster will be on Sunday, September 25th at 1pm.

Laurie March of HGTV

In addition to Matt Muenster of Bath Crashers, you’ll also have the opportunity to see Laurie March from HGTV.  Laurie is the host of The House Counselor on HGTV.

Laurie will be presenting on the Main Stage at the remodeling home show at the Dulles Expo Center this evening at 4pm.  You’ll have one more opportunity to see the HGTV host this weekend, on Saturday at 4pm.  Laurie March will be presenting the Do’s and Dont’s of DIY.

Capital Home Show at Dulles Expo Center

remodel in Reston, VA

Although Moss Building and Design will not be attending the home show this weekend in Dulles, we’re located within minutes of the Dulles Expo Center.  We’re always available to discuss any questions you have about your remodeling ideas.  Schedule an appointment to meet with a remodeling professional or call us at 703.961.7707 to discuss your project.  You can also email if you prefer email.  Check out our remodeling portfolio to get some inspiration for your next project.  We look forward to working with you!


Explore Mudroom Ideas with Northern VA’s Top Contractor

September 21, 2016

Mudrooms: The perfect organization trick for back to school By: Leora Kahn, Marketing Coordinator ( When kids come home from school, they throw their belongings everywhere! Your strongest efforts of keeping the kitchen spotless go unnoticed, and the house becomes a wreck.  The last thing you want to do is clean up, again, after a long day of work.  What you need is an organized place for the kids to neatly store their belongings. An easy fix is to construct a mudroom with the kids in mind! Mudrooms allow for different cubbies and compartments for family members to put away their personal belongings in a tidy order. This will prevent the loss of backpacks, clothes, lunchboxes, laundry, shoes and more. Messy behaviors will become a thing of the past. Plus, it’ll give you some peace of mind! Mudroom Storage and Organization Create a space in your Northern Virginia home that …   
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Pumpkin Spice Home Decor And Everything Fall

September 20, 2016

          By Pam Kopiak ( Pumpkin Spice Has Arrived in Northern VA It’s Fall Y’all.  I saw a pillow with that saying on it in Home Goods the other day and it made me smile.  The best time of the year (according to me) is finally here.  I know this to be true because Starbucks says it’s so.  The unveiling of the Pumpkin Spice/ Salted Caramel lattes officially ushers in the Fall season and with that a new season of home décor ideas.  Here are a few different ways to spread the Fall cheer! Spray It Don’t Say It Yes, that’s what I meant.  I have come to LOVE the room perfume sold at Bath and Body Works.  The “Leaves” scent is my absolute FAVORITE and I find I have to horde it so that I have enough to last me throughout the year.  It makes …   
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The Unveiling of MOSS 360: Virtual Reality Meets Remodeling

August 31, 2016

Last week, MOSS unveiled our latest and greatest step forward in the remodeling industry with the unveiling of an innovative tool that is one of its kind around the world. MOSS 360, the virtual reality design capability that will change the way homeowners remodel their home, was officially introduced to the public at the Superior Design Experience, an exclusive event at our Chantilly office. Virtual Reality Meets Remodeling The event focused on many elements of design, from choosing your selections, to on-site solutions, but the event was centered around the unveiling of MOSS 360 and the virtual reality concepts that MOSS 360 Expert Tyler Tappan has been perfecting. “It’s really exciting to see our customers’ eyes light up when they see what the technology can allow them to do,” said Marketing Manager Carly McAlister. MOSS 360 Design Technology Tried and Tested Our first ever MOSS 360 user was MOSS Customer …   
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U.S. Architectural Design by Region

August 24, 2016

 by Zaiba Hasan ( Every August my family spends the month traveling cross country to visit our various family members throughout the United States. It never ceases to amaze me by how different the elevation and architecture varies by region. Seemingly, part of the modifications is based on practicality (regional weather, local vegetation etc.) and part on historical influencers and influences. I thought it would be enjoyable to take a journey across the U.S. and experience some of the architectural designs first-hand. Modern Design vs. Contemporary Design Built with straight lines and huge unobstructed windows, these building were built in the “modern” era of construction. Contrary to popular belief “contemporary” and “modern” aren’t synonyms. “Modern” refers to the modernist architecture of the early and mid-20th century, an era of great change in the American landscape. Ornamentation and sentimentality were out; clean lines and superior function were in. Contemporary architecture retains modernism’s …   
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When a Backpack Isn’t Just a Backpack

August 24, 2016

By Pam Kopiak ( The phrase “Back To School” conjures up images of me going shopping with my  father in search of new clothes, the many maligned school supplies (crumpled list in hand) necessary to complete the new year and most importantly,  the BRAND NEW backpack.  I mean, that thing was going to be with you day in/day out for a WHOLE year.  It had to be JUST perfect right? Well, apparently there are a LOT of people (in our area alone)  that cannot afford that luxury.  These folks cannot even afford to get the required school supplies more or less a new backpack every year.  This is where community involvement comes in hand.  You know that saying “It Takes A Village”?  Well sometimes it really does.  MOSS is reaching out to help children around the area get what they need to start another successful school year. Cornerstones Community Relations Manager, …   
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HandyMOM101 Workshop Series: Arlington Central Library

August 19, 2016

 By Pam Kopiak ( Fun fact about me: I actually LOVE the library.  I am an avid reader (or used to be before the kids sucked away all my energy) and think the public library is an awesome space!  So many books, magazines, DVD’s, books on cd, audiobooks…. I could go on and on.  And I always like that it is such a peaceful place.  That’s  why you wouldn’t necessarily think the library in Arlington and a HandyMOM 101 workshop would go hand in hand. That’s where you would be wrong! Last month, MOSS participated in a three part HandyMOM101 series featuring Patch It, Tile It and Caulk It, DIY workshops put on by MOSS professionals to empower homeowners to tackle their own home improvement projects. Arlington Central Library Hosts HandyMOM101 DIY Workshop Libraries are a great place to learn, (as well as a place to connect to free Wi-Fi) and …   
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How to Maximize Tax-Free Weekend for your Home Remodel

August 4, 2016

It’s the weekend we’ve all been waiting for. Tax free weekend is almost here and will begin Friday August 5th at 12 am, and end on Sunday August 7th at 11:59 p.m. The Virginia Department of Taxation has laid out all of the tax exempt items customers will be able to buy this weekend on their website. While back to school school supplies and clothing for the kids will surely be on your list, you may not realize that you can save big on a wide variety of appliances for your Northern Virginia home remodel. Tax Exempt Appliances During Tax-Free Weekend Homeowners who are currently remodeling their home should be jumping for joy as this means dishwashers, refrigerators, bathroom sink faucets, shower heads and much more can be purchased tax-free this weekend, if they carry the Energy Star™ or WaterSense™ label. As long as these appliances are purchased for personal (non-commercial) …   
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Home Gym Ideas to Keep you Working Out

July 29, 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to work out. And while your shiny new treadmill kept you in check at first, you soon found yourself avoiding the ‘home gym’ you improvised at the start. While we can’t promise you a 6-pack or buns of steel, we can give you these home gym ideas that will make you want to work out everyday. Check out these home gyms that make us super pumped to work out. Don’t Hide your Gym in the Basement This may not be a luxury everyone has, considering the basement is usually a way homeowners maximize their space. But if you have the spare room, consider the placement of your home gym. For instance, this home gym we found on Houzz used their attic space to their advantage which made a bright and airy studio to work out in. Yoga anyone? Photo by Candelaria Design Associates – Browse traditional home gym …   
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