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Northern VA Modified Accessibility Designs

President Ronald Reagan declared March Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in 1987. This was an attempt to ensure that Americans with developmental disabilities had the encouragement and opportunities necessary to reach their full potential. This step has led to a larger awareness of those in the community with these disabilities in an effort to fight against a number of discriminations.

At MOSS, community is integral to what we do whether it’s helping our local kids’ sports leagues or our  Community Relations’ sponsorships. Among our clients, we have entered into a specialized community for whom we enter their homes, a personal and integral space, in order to better help it function for their family.  Often, we have needed to address how a home can better serve someone with disabilities so that a person isn’t working for their home but rather their home is better working for them.

Accessibility Remodeling

modified accessibility

In this kitchen remodel in Vienna, VA,(seen above) a husband needed the kitchen to be functional after the effects of a stroke. This meant ensuring that the layout was conducive to the size of a wheelchair and that the height of the countertops and appliances would be easy to reach.

A condo remodel in Arlington, VA, involved a modified accessibility design for a client with cerebral palsy, especially in the kitchen and bathroom spaces (seen below).

kitchen design

The biggest concerns for the client were ensuring the space was power chair accessible as well as creating a space that fit her traditional style and would allow for entertaining. Kitchen accessibility came through:

  • Full access cabinet drawers
  • Addition of 2 dishwasher drawers
  • Relocation of the microwave to a lower location
  • Integrated cooktop (through control of heat and limiting the possibility of burning oneself on the unit)
  • Quartz was used as the countertop material in order to be low-maintenance and have a great look.

In the bathroom, an accessible shower was installed with a shower bench.

bathroom remodeling

While this month lends itself to a larger discussion in a larger community about recognizing and incorporating those with disabilities, our company is able to address another real issue for those with disabilities. The home and how it functions for them.

The home is the most important place when it comes to serving your base survival needs but it also has to do with family and comfort. Whether working with designers specialized in accessibility designs or physical therapists, we’ve been able to help our clients bring together a home they love and a home that serves their needs.

Top Northern VA Remodeler

At MOSS, we stand by the statement that we are the “remodelers who care.” We care about delivering a quality product, providing superior customer care, and helping our clients make informed decisions for their family, home, and budget.

No matter where you are in the process, you can call us at 703.961.7707 to get more information or to set up an in-home consultation with one of our highly skilled Sales Consultants.


by Madeline Pillow on March 30, 2015


home ideas

Jenn Zschunke, Moss Community RelationsBy – Jenn Zschunke (


I know it’s hard to believe but summer heat will be here soon. With winter seemingly over, we might go straight from freezing temperatures to 90 degrees plus heat! With that in mind, it is a good time to have Moss Home Services come to your home and check the air conditioning unit. Believe it or not, after a harsh winter, your air conditioning unit can need several checks to make sure it hasn’t been affected by the winter elements.

There are several steps involved with making sure your air conditioning unit is up to par. Some are possible for homeowners to do themselves, while others are best left to professionals. These are done both outdoors and indoors:


  1. Check the unit’s panels and make sure none are missing due to wind. A missing panel needs to be replaced.
  2. Remove any covers on coils or lids: some homeowners cover parts (or all) of their air conditioning unit to protect it but then forget to remove them in the spring which can cause problems when the unit is turned on.
  3. Repair or replace any pipe insulation that has been damaged.
  4. Remove debris, leaves, dirt or anything that has accumulated on the outdoor unit and coils.

home improvement tips


  1. Check your air filters. This is one of the least expensive and easiest checks you can do yourself as a homeowner. The filters need to be checked and changed on a regular basis, depending on your unit, and can be purchased at a local store. If your air filters are dirty, even a well-functioning air conditioning unit will be affected.
  2. Check the coil drainage hose. This is a hose that is colder than the air around it and therefore water will condensate on it. It needs to be draining properly otherwise there is a potential for leaks inside your home.
  3. Clean your vents – vacuum out any dust, pet hair, or debris that might have gotten inside them.
  4. Turn on the system on a hot day…after a few minutes, you should feel cool air. If not, and you’ve had the checks done or done them yourself, you might want to have a further professional inspection done on the system.

Jenn Zschunke is a part of the Community Relations department.  She plans HandyMom 101 workshop programs for Moss and coordinates philanthropic activities in her local community.

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Entering a Construction Zone: Arlington HandyGirl 101 Program 

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Recycling Materials During a Home Renovation

March 20, 2015

By- Madeline Pillow ( Northern VA Contractor Talks Going Green There’s many ways that you can make your carbon footprint a little smaller and a lot greener. And while it may be hard for Kermit to be green, in all actuality, it’s all about taking time to view the number of options out there versus just accepting the first or most available choice. Being green includes recycling appropriately and being more aware of personal waste. In a remodel, it can be thinking about ways to reuse materials or how they can be reused by someone else in the community. Green Remodeling One way to be greener is by being aware of the materials being used in your remodel. Some greener options may also require more green in terms of your budget so see if these options would fit in with your home and budget in the design phase. Not only will budget …   
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MOSS App and $499 Handyman For a Day : A Win–Win!

March 16, 2015

    By – Jenn Zschunke (   Do you have a smart phone? Do you have any of the following home repairs needed in your home? drywall repairs a leaky faucet electric light fixtures to be changed deck cleaning siding replacements or a multitude of home-related repairs that need to be done? I’d venture to guess that the answer to question # 1 is “yes” and that the answer to question # 2 is also “yes.” Luckily, MOSS is able to help you fix those home repairs and provide you with valuable information at the same time. MOSS is currently offering a special deal to anyone who downloads our app.  After downloading the app, you have the ability to purchase a full 8 hours of handyman services for the discounted rate of $499. You can download the app here.  This is a special deal that covers a multitude of home repairs and home …   
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Tile Ideas with a Northern VA Top Contractor

March 13, 2015

By- Madeline Pillow (   Choosing Tile for your Home Remodel There are a number of tile layouts that can be chosen for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. What is best for your space has to do with the canvas at hand. Based on these parameters, tile choices are defined by a modern or traditional look as well as whether you are interested in creating the illusion of width or height. At MOSS, our Customer Care Managers are an addition to the remodeling process to help you make these kinds of decisions. Whether it’s to give you their expert opinion or to go with you to a vendor to look at selections, the Customer Care Manager is your advocate, giving advice on what will look best in your space, what fits your style, and what keeps you within budget. In the Arlington, VA modified accessibility kitchen remodel seen above, one …   
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By – Jeannine Miller ( In my last blog about my kitchen remodel, I told you we selected our cabinets.  Before they can actually be ordered though, appliances need to be chosen so that the cabinets can be ordered to spec.  Knowing that appliances are the workhorse of a kitchen, I knew we were in for an investment and I really wanted to get it right. Phil had his heart set on a Wolf range, so that clued in our kitchen designer, Erin Hoopes, to what level appliances we were looking for.  She recommended Appliance Distributors Unlimited as a starting place to shop.  I’m so glad we went there – what a treat!  I’ve always bought appliances at one of the big home improvement stores, so I had no idea that making purchases like this could actually be a positive experience.  We actually had an appointment with Joe, one of …   
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Interior Remodeling Ideas With the last weeks of winter upon us in Northern VA, this is just the right time to be thinking about your home improvements that will be necessary for the spring. There’s a reason why the word “cleaning” has found a friend in spring; with the warmer weather comes the sense of renewal and openness to change. One room that just might need your attention after the colder months is the laundry room. Whether you have a large or small laundry room, or whether you are interested in the latest trends with laundry rooms, there is always room to make sure it is an efficient room. Identify Your Needs in Your Home Remodel Together your needs and the laundry room space will have to work together. Based on your square footage, determine what should be the main priority of the room. Is it a space for ironing, …   
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Kitchen Remodeling

March 3, 2015

Your Kitchen Designer is Key (Before pic)  By – Jeannine Miller ( We are rounding third and headed for home with our kitchen remodel and I am so happy!  When I blogged about starting the process a while back, we were just remodeling our kitchen. To the original project, we’ve added a new second floor HVAC system, a laundry room remodel and bathroom remodel.  Lucky for us, our project manager is a really nice guy who tolerates us well. As promised, this little blog series will give you a front-row view of the kitchen remodeling process.  Let’s start at the very beginning [a very good place to start].  I have spent years dreaming of my remodel, so between Pinterest and Houzz, I had a zillion saved photos to show MOSS’ Principal Designer, Erin Hoopes, at our first meeting.  Erin immediately grasped our style and the look we were going for which got …   
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Basement Bedroom Remodel     

March 3, 2015

 Basement Remodeling in Northern VA By-Madeline Pillow ( The basement is a room that can house a number of possibilities and functions. Often it becomes a great family space or home theater. But, it can also act as an additional bedroom for overnight guests or the space can be turned into an in-law suite. Its versatility can serve your family well throughout the years. A basement bedroom is a great idea especially if you have an additional, unused room in your basement. To get started, we’ve but together some ideas. Basement Refinishing The space that you have dedicated for the bedroom first needs the addition of insulation. Not only should insulation be installed in the walls but also in the ceiling. If you know that the bedroom will be used often, consider splurging by putting in resilient channels that can offset any noise or vibrations from the upstairs floors. For Northern …   
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