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By Pam Kopiak (

There was a time, not so long ago, when the term “wallpaper” brought fear to homeowners’ hearts.  For some, it still does.  For others, wallpaper is making its way back in style.  The reason being?  Wallpaper is a quick way to add pizzazz to a space.  It could be just an accent wall with some wallpaper (as I have seen in several of my friends’ homes lately) or maybe an entire bathroom.   For those of us (me included) who are still worried about the hassle of installing/removing wallpaper, there is an alternative to get the same effect.

Bold Color Choices for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are considering a bathroom remodel or just want to change up your bathroom, think about incorporating a bold color in your design.  The most popular colors for bathrooms are white, cream, beige and taupe colors so anything outside of these colors might be a place to start.

We’ve been seeing more and more bathrooms with bold colors, some more extreme than others.  However, all of them compliment the bathroom design and show off the homeowners personal style.

A basement remodel in McLean, Virginia included a bathroom.  The homeowners went with a soft purple paint for the room.  It gives it a soft look and goes great with the bathroom vanity and shower tile.

bathroom ideas

The bathroom remodel pictured below was part of an addition in Oakton, VA.  It’s a master suite bathroom so it is a space shared by the homeowners.  They went with a yellow paint color in the bathroom.  It’s a nice neutral color that isn’t too feminine or masculine.  Paired with the bathroom vanities and bathroom lighting (check out that gorgeous chandelier) the color worked for their design.

bathroom ideas

Want to take it a step further?  If you are into more of a contemporary design you could consider contrasting bold paint colors.  The hall bathroom in this Fairfax Station Addition paired bold blues and golds with a contemporary bathroom vanity.

bold bathroom paint

MOSS Tip: If you’re looking to make a bold contrast statement, adding trim to the wall or crown molding around the ceiling is an easy way to accomplish a bold contrast.

Would you be up for trying a bold color in your bathroom? Afterall, it is just paint.  If it turns out you don’t love it as much as you thought you would, there is always a million other colors to choose from.  Show us your bold bathrooms by using the hashtag #MOSSGoesBold!

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom and just don’t know where to start, the professionals at Moss Building and Design are always available to answer questions and share ideas.  If you would like to discuss your remodeling plans or have general questions call MOSS at 703.961.7707 or email


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Kitchen Remodel Oakton VA

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By – Jeannine Miller (

I’m so happy to finally post the beautiful pictures taken of our remodeled kitchen.  We are beyond thrilled with the result and enjoying the new space very much.  When we started the remodeling process, I was focused on which kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and appliances I wanted.  MOSS pushed us to look beyond those tangible items and specifically identify what we didn’t like about the feel of our old kitchen.  I am certain that this process of naming and addressing the below concerns is what took our kitchen from good to great.

Issue: The bulkhead and soffits made us feel closed in.

MOSS Solution:  Re-rout the HVAC system so the bulkhead and soffits could be removed.

Oakton Contractors

Issue: The kitchen always felt dark, no matter how many kitchen lights were on.

MOSS Solution:  Maximize natural light in the kitchen with a larger custom window.  Use many small LED lights in zones and on dimmers to control light in all areas.

Kitchen Design Oakton, VA

Issue: The view of the kitchen from the entry foyer was unattractive.

MOSS Solution:  Move the dishwasher, sink and kitchen island to the left so the view is less cluttered.

kitchen design Northern VA

Issue: There was no flow between the kitchen and eating area.

MOSS Solution:  Remove the peninsula and use extra space for a larger kitchen island.

Kitchen remodel Northern VA

Issue: Our washer and dryer were crammed in the entryway from the garage to the kitchen so there was hardly room to walk much less a place for kids’ things.

MOSS Solution:  Take the space from an underutilized walk-in pantry and create a laundry room.  Turn the old HVAC ductwork space into a laundry chute – BONUS!

laundry chute


And that, folks, is a wrap.  Thanks for following my kitchen remodel via this blog — I hope you’ve learned a bit about the remodeling process along the way.  For more pictures of my kitchen remodel or others MOSS has done, please check out our kitchen portfolio.

And now a word from my sponsor:  If you’re in the market for some home remodeling, call the experts at Moss Building & Design.  We will consult with you and help you explore the many possibilities for updating your home.  Call 703-961-7707 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

In addition to blogging about all things home and family-related, Jeannine Miller is a member of Moss Building & Design’s Community Relations team.


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