Topics: cabinets | March 2, 2022

Whichever room you’re remodeling in your home, if cabinets are a part of the project, then the color or wood tone chosen is highly important to the overall design. Until recently, color has often been just on the walls of rooms and not usually on cabinets.  At MOSS Building and Design, we know what a big impact cabinets have on a room and how they can make a remodel stand out.  So, while a white kitchen is classic and never goes out of style, for example, we know white cabinets are not necessarily the only option, and the same goes for a bathroom remodel.  

Recently, we asked our MOSS design team to share trends they’ve been seeing with cabinet design.  Navy is a color that has been used a great deal lately. Not only does it look crisp and beautiful in bathrooms and kitchens as it is such a classic and modern color, it can also quietly hide dirt and dust.  In kitchens, a pop of color such as bright yellow or deep espresso are sometimes used for the base cabinets or the island.  This is a great choice for those who may not want to do the entire kitchen in colored cabinets but still want to incorporate a unique and complementary color palette.  Other popular colors for cabinets are those found in nature such as pale greens, calming taupe, and soft cream.  These colors are also quite neutral and can coordinate well with other colors as well as wood tones.  

Dark Blue Double Vanity


Blue island with black bar

Soft Gray Kitchen

Natural soft wood tones are also currently in vogue.  When looking to design a more natural kitchen or mid-century modern kitchen, simple wood cabinets are perfect to set the scene.  They add a homey touch that pairs well with other natural design elements such as terra cotta or stone.   

soft wood tones with modern edge

Natural blue bar with stone and wood

Cabinet color is a highly personal decision that adds a good amount of design impact without much of an additional cost.  There are many choices on the marketplace that you can browse through to narrow down your decision.  Remember it is your home so whatever you choose is a great decision!  Have you been considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel?  Contact MOSS for a complimentary estimate at or at 703.961.7707. 

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