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Topics: Home Remodeling, Kitchens, Living Rooms | February 21, 2018

Northern VA Remodeling: Farmhouse Chic Design

Farmhouse chic (also known as farmhouse design) is a very popular design style right now. You can achieve a farmhouse chic look in any room of your home. Check out our blogs to see how you can make each room in your home more farmhouse chic.

Farmhouse chic is all about being comfortable and getting cozy, so snuggle up on the couch and get ready for our top five favorite farmhouse chic living rooms!

Shiplap In Living Rooms

Our first favorite farmhouse living room includes a staple of farmhouse chic design, and you can thank HGTV’s Joanna Gaines for this one. Yes, you guessed it — shiplap! Shiplap became really popular last year, as we saw several different ways to incorporate it into your home and various ways to dress it up. This year, it continues to increase in popularity.

Commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms, shiplap can also be used in your living room to create a farmhouse chic vibe. This living room includes a painted shiplap wall, a nice touch that adds to farmhouse design style. I also love how they played up the home design look by including a chalkboard above the sofa. The neutral color palette and green plants also contribute to the farmhouse look in this cozy living room. 

Sliding Barn Doors In Great Falls, VA 

In addition to shiplap, another common element used in farmhouse chic home design is sliding barn doors. From pops of color to reclaimed wooden doors, sliding barn doors add character to any room in your home.

This remodel in Great Falls has a beautiful sliding barn door from the dining room to the living room. Although the door has been painted, it still maintains its weathered style, which plays up to the farmhouse design look.

sliding-barn-door-658006-editedFarmhouse Living Room In Leesburg, VA

This living room in Leesburg has many farmhouse design elements. First, a lot of wooden features exist. From the exposed beams and wall to the hardwood floors, this living room doesn’t fall short of chic. The stone wall and fireplace also add a nice, cozy touch to the living room. The neutral color palette tops off the design in this living room.

Farmhouse living room LeesburgReclaimed Wood In McLean, VA 

Reclaimed wood adds a farmhouse chic design component to your remodel. This renovation in McLean includes reclaimed wood throughout the home. In the living room, a strip of reclaimed wood runs across the top of the stone fireplace, which makes the space cozier and more comfortable.

Again, a neutral color palette in and the large window allows for natural light to shine through and light up the living area. The hardwood floors and decor make the space feel warm.reclaimed-wood-1-612827-edited

Farmhouse Chic Remodel in Reston, VA

Last but not least is a beautiful remodel in Reston. Many design elements exist in this living room, including the focal point: The white fireplace with the elegant woodworking detail. This element sets the stage for a farmhouse chic vibe.

The sconces that frame the fireplace are also a beautiful nod, and the greenery and sunflowers by the fireplace also play up the vibe. Minimum clutter, a neutral color palette, and hardwood flooring are all elements of this home design.

Reston farmhouse Northern VA Contractors

If you’re looking for a farmhouse chic design style, we can help you! Keep the following farmhouse chic design elements in mind to create the perfect living room:

  • Choose hardwood flooring
  • Keep clutter to a minimum
  • Maintain a neutral color palette
  • Go green by adding plants to the space
  • Let natural light in with large windows
  • Add character with sliding barn doors
  • Use a touch of reclaimed wood
  • Add a shiplap wall

If you’d like to schedule a free design consultation, call us at 703-961-7707 or reach us by email at Hello@MossBuildingandDesign.com. We’d love to hear more about your project!

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