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The homeowners worked closely with our consultants to create a scope of work and budget for a second story remodeling, as well as modifications to the main level living room and laundry area.  There were clear allowances within the contract so our customers knew exactly the range of budget that was included and could be worked within. 


The homeowners wanted to update their entire second story for a new master suite layout, including the bedroom with a walk-in closet and the bathroom.  They also wanted to add a new laundry room upstairs and remodel the hall bathroom.  Lastly, they wanted to redesign their first floor living room and utility room. 

IMAG8131 Garage


Significant demolition of the second story was needed to accommodate the additions, including carpeting, walls, bathroom fixtures, and lighting.  The main living room had a door, windows, walls, and a fireplace mantle removed.  Lastly, the exterior screen porch was removed.  

After demolition, all structuring and framing was installed to account for the remodeling and all additions.  New windows were installed, as well as an exterior door going out from the main living area.  Water and gas lines were installed in all appropriate areas, and all electrical wires and light fixtures were installed.  Insulation and drywall were placed, and the interior trim, doors, and shelving were installed.   

The bathrooms and laundry closets were built with all requested appliances and fixtures.  A fireplace mantle was installed in the main living room, and then the remodel was completed after installing new flooring and applying new paint. 

IMAG8078 Bedroom Sitting Area


Our team helped the homeowners determine a final overall investment and facilitated the financing of the project.  They also determine the final scope for the work to provide the largest impact on living space.   


Pre-construction for this project commenced at the end of October 2018.  All pre-construction meetings, permit collection, and selections happened over the next few months.  Pre-construction finished in the middle of January 2019.  From there, construction began.  Over the next four months, all demolition and installation was completed, with the entire project ending in mid-June 2019.  Overall, it was a seven-and-a-half-month project from start to finish. 

IMAG8095 Dining Room Lighting

Master Plan 

We took the time to understand the exact needs of the homeowner.  Their big picture plan was a complete remodeling of the second story, including a new master bedroom and bathroom as well as an upstairs laundry room.  They also wanted a remodeled living room and first-floor laundry room. 

Master Bedroom/Bathroom 

The existing master bedroom and bathroom had to be demolished to make room for the additions.  After demolition, the framing was built to accommodate the new entrance to the master bedroom, the walk-in closet, and the entrance to the master bathroom.  Rough-in plumbing was installed in the master bathroom for sinks, toilets, and a shower.  Incandescent recessed lights were installed in the master bedroom and bathroom, and multiple vanity lights were installed in the bathroom as well.  Insulation and drywall were added, along with a pre-finished barn door for the master bathroom.  The bathroom received all necessary fixtures, including a shower system, sinks, countertops and shelving, toilet, and a mirror.  Lastly, paint was applied to the walls and flooring was laid. 

Bedroom Accent Wall Modern Shower

Hall Bathroom 

The hall bathroom had to be demolished, including the linen closet that was protruding into it.  Framing for a new linen closet had to be installed, and shelving was added.  After that, rough-in plumbing for the bathroom was installed, including a sink, toilet, and tub/shower.  Incandescent recessed lights and vanity lights were installed, and then the bathroom fixtures were installed, including a sink, toilet, tub/shower, countertop, and cabinet.  Lastly, tile was laid to finish off the hall bathroom. 

Large Tiled Shower

Laundry Rooms 

The second story laundry room was an addition, so framing had to be installed first.  Rough-in plumbing for a washer and floor drain was installed, along with an electrical outlet for a dryer.  Insulation and drywall were installed in the second story laundry room, and wall cabinets were placed.  Lastly, tile was laid and paint was applied.  The owner-supplied washer and dryer were hooked up to complete the addition.  In the main-level laundry room, water lines were installed for a new utility sink. 

Laundry with Barn Door

Living Room 

In the living room, the existing French door, windows, and fireplace mantle were removed, as well as some drywall, framing, and trim.  Framing had to be installed for the new opening into the living room, and then insulation and drywall were added.  A new railing was added to the staircase going up to the second floor.  Pella 250 series windows were installed, along with a new French door.  An owner-supplied prefinished floating mantle was installed in the living room.  Lastly, paint was applied to the new additions in the living room to finish off the project. 

Study and Office


There were no major complexities, and the work was completed on time with minimal change orders. 


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