Topics: Home Remodeling, Sunrooms, Patios | August 12, 2018

Summer days are definitely upon us and with them, our usual Northern Virginia weather: hot, hazy, and humid. Yet, like every year, fall will soon be here. We welcome cooler weather, shorter days, school, holidays, fall sports, and family gatherings.

With that in mind, fall is a fantastic time to consider home remodeling projects with Moss Building & Design, Northern Virginia’s top home remodeler. Here are our top three recommendations for projects this fall.

Remodeling Your Mudroom

Mudrooms are a great way to slow down the traffic coming through your home. It gives your family (especially the kids!) a place to take responsibility in storing their shoes, backpacks, and sports equipment. There’s also a satisfying feeling of “out of sight, out of mind” with a well-designed mudroom. Items are stored neatly, the rest of your home is kept less messy and dirty, and you can enjoy the lack of clutter! 

This remodel in Oakton, Virginia, features a mudroom with built-ins and associated baskets and hooks for each family member.  

Fall Remodel Recs_Mud Room_Oakton

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Getting out of the house every morning can be a race against the clock for busy families. An organized and neat kitchen pantry, where the kids can grab snacks and lunchbox food quickly, is a crucial element to a well-oiled morning machine.

This home remodel in Fairfax Station, Virginia, included a kitchen pantry that is an organizer’s delight. The ability to walk in and visually see everything can make even the most stressful days easier! 



With the holidays approaching, early fall is a good time to think about updating your front porch, sun porch, and/or entryways (side doors, for example). The weather is still comfortable enough for work to happen, and it’s a lovely time to research ways to add outdoor decor for upcoming festivities.

Have you been thinking about fixing the front steps? Worried that someone could take a misstep on a loose stone? Is the lighting dated? Fall is a great time to update any or all of these. 

This Oakton home’s screened porch is a perfect example of a well-designed backyard with a beautiful back entryway into the home. 


Interested in starting a home remodeling project this fall with MOSS? Call us at 703.961.7707 or email us at for more information. You can also download our guide to home remodeling, if you’re a little new at this project. Click on the button below to get started:

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