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Moss Buidling and Design is all about embracing technology.  We have implemented a Virtual Reality (VR) experience to assist our clients while working through a home remodel or addition.  This state-of-the-art experience allows our clients to see what their finished product will look like.  Below are a few key features that show why Moss 360 is such a revolutionary tool! 

Real Time Lighting 


Moss truly puts the time and research into the project to make sure our client is completely satisfied with their remodel or addition.  For every project, Moss will do a sun study that is programmed into Moss 360 so the client will be able to see what their property will look like at any time of the day.  This is extremely helpful for clients who want to test out different design choices.  For example, paint colors may look different depending on how the sun is hitting.  Real time lighting will help the client determine if a paint color fluctuates too much depending on how much sun is coming through the windows. 

Virtual Walkthrough 


Every client has a vision and dream for their project.  Moss 360 allows the client to step inside that vision and “see” what the finished project will look like.  With this VR tool, our clients get to go inside the finished product before it has even been started in real life.  This invaluable benefit provides insurance to our clients that their vision was fully matched by our team of architects and project managers. 

How does a virtual walkthrough work?  The architecture, design, and homeowner-picked selections are loaded into the Moss 360 program.  Clients are given a state-of-the-art VR headset, and once they put it on, they are transported to their finished remodel/addition and can virtually walkthrough the entire house.  If something feels off or the client wants to change something after virtually seeing it, our team will account for those changes in the plans without having to undo any physical work. 

Custom Selections 

DSC01678 (1)

The toughest part about picking out custom selections for your homes (cabinet color, door handles, light fixtures, etc.) is trying to visualize in your head how they would look in your home. With Moss 360, the guesswork is eliminated! You can step inside your home virtually and swap in different selections to see how they will look in your home. This is crucial to ensure that the selections you think will look the best fit the remodeled area perfectly. By incorporating Moss 360 into the remodel/addition process, the client will be able to see their vision in the virtual world, and then watch as that vision transitions into the real world. 

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